Shearling Ram Registration Summer 2017

Shearling rams i.e. those born in 2016 need to be registered and inspected in the Summer of 2017 if you wish to breed and register stock from them.

As a member of the Society you will be sent the ram paperwork in the post. Should you require further copies, please click [Here]

You have three options for sending in your ram paperwork:

Online Flock Book & Registry

Simply click the green button to the right and follow the instructions on screen

Emailing a spreadsheet

This spreadsheet can be created manually or via your on-farm software. It is recommended that you speak to the Society if creating for the first time to help you set off on the right track. Tip: tag number format matters.

Useful documents:

Spreadsheet instruction guide

Example of spreadsheet with ram details in

RD1 (Payment) Form

Paper Forms

All members will have been posted a copy of the forms. Further copies can be downloaded below:

2017 Ram Registration Form

2016 RAM LAMB Provisional Registration form


2017 Ram Inspection Dates

A list of the 2016 ram inspection dates and closing dates can be seen [Here]

Society Sales - please note

If a ram has been used, or semen retained, the owner must declare it in the catalogue or at the time of sale.  It is up to the buyer to ascertain this before purchasing.

Roxan Tags

See Roxan Website [Here]

Roxan Contacts

Allison Lack 07951 969087  Email

Mari Williams 07507 611195 Email




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