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The bookings are now open for advertising in the 2023 Handbook.  This popular publication is distributed to all Society members whilst also been given away at events and sales, via the main Society, clubs and members.  

Why advertise? Who knows what is around the corner?  But you can have control for promoting your own flock.  An advert lets potential customers know you are there and looking to do business.

Photo advice - The most eye catching adverts usually include at least one photograph.  These photos make a big impression, look long and hard at them.  Do they do your flock, you, and the breed justice?  

Deadline - The deadline for booking advert is is MONDAY 9th JANUARY.  Any bookings received after this date will incur a 10% surcharge and are not guaranteed to be accepted, it depends on space available.  Copy deadline Tuesday 31st January.

How to Book - See online booking form below.  Note different form for Breeders Flock Advert and Commercial Advert.

Do not sent payment with this booking.  An invoice will be raised and sent in due course.

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