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Forum Subject - Prolificacy of the Lleyn Sheep

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This forum is provided by the Society for like minded people to discuss special subjects. It is hoped it can be used to share technical information as well as help to provide the Society and Breed Develpoment committee with Breeder opinions. You are reminded that the posts you put on this forum are live and seen by many people. Therefore the information must not be detrimental to individuals, the Lleyn Sheep Society or the Lleyn breed. Should it be considered that the forum is being abused, the Society has the right to suspend it and/or remove the link and/or individual post. Thank you for your cooperation on behalf of the Society.

Technical Documents Relevant to the Prolificacy Forum

Appendix A - Passing on the FecX(g) mutation

Appendix B - Conservation and usage of the FecX g Mutation or the "desirable" Prolificacy Gene




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