Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020


Deadline Monday 11th January

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Complete the below booking form to book your space.  DO NOT SEND PAYMENT until you receive the invoice.

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The handbook is A5, 145mm x 210mm.  Adverts should have a 3mm bleed.





Handbook only (the advert will appear in the printed handbook only)

HALF PAGE (no web)

(130mm x 85mm)

£85 + vat


FULL PAGE (no web)

(130mm x 190mm)

£105 + vat


DOUBLE PAGE (no web)

(130mm x 190mm x 2)

£200 + vat


Handbook & Website (the advert will appear in the printed handbook and on the society website for 11 months)

HALF PAGE (inc web)

(130mm x 85mm)

£100 + vat


FULL PAGE (inc web)

(130mm x 190mm)

£120 + vat


DOUBLE PAGE (inc web)

(130mm x 190mm x 2)

£215 + vat


ADVERT COPY - Please email to promotions@lleynsheep.com

WEB LINK - Add a link from the Society website to your own website for only £20 + vat for 11 months.  


Booking Information (T & C's)

  • Please email copy to promotions@lleynsheep.com
  • Do NOT SEND PAYMENT with this booking, an invoice will be sent
  • Bookings will only be confirmed upon FULL PAYMENT.  If payment is not received before going to print, the Society has the right to cancel the advert.
  • Please make sure you have permission to use the photograph(s) in your advert
  • Proofs will be sent by email to the above email address provided.
  • The deadline for all bookings and copy is 11th January 2021
  • Any bookings received after 11th January will be accepted subject to space available and will incur a 10% surcharge.
  • Late copy will not receive a proof.  There are NO REFUNDS for errors or missing adverts if copy has been received late.

Useful Advert Information

Advert Sizes

The Handbook is A5.  Full page adverts should be 148mm x 210mm with 3mm bleeds all round.  If you are creating your own artwork and require the advert to have a white border or it is not a full page please set all artwork to the below sizes:

Full page – 130mm wide x 190mm high

Half page – 130mm wide x 85mm high


Images downloaded from the internet will not be good enough for print.  Also copy right issues may mean you do not have permission.   For the best quality, images should be 300dpi (resolution).

Please give consideration to the photos you are using.  Look long and hard do they do you and the Lleyn justice.  If you looked at that photo as a potential customer, would it make you purchase from this flock?

File Formats

Complete advert designs are best sent over in PDF.  This will ensure accurate output of the file.  Please note PDF files cannot be amended at this end.

If you are sending copy for an advert to be put together, please send text in word format and images as jpeg.


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