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Successful Stand at NSA Scot Sheep (June 2016)

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NSA Scot Sheep 2016.JPG

The Society had a busy day at Scot Sheep with much interest shown in the pen of 3 crop Lleyn ewes with Texel sired lambs.  With the ewes averaging 83kg and the lambs averages 44kg having been born in early March, on lookers were impressed.

The stand judges were also impressed and awarded the Society with 3rd Prize in the Breed Stand competition.  Well done to everyone who helped to make it happen.

The Society stand also attended the NSA South Sheep event at Tisbury, Wiltshire.  Again a positive day with a real buzz in the air.  We had a display of shearling ewes and a pen of ewes with Charollais x  lambs.  There were also other breed Societies displaying Lleyn x sheep including the Blue Texels and Southdowns.  

Blue Texel x Lleyn South Sheep 2016

Society wins Top Stand award at Balmoral Show, Belfast (May 2016)

Balmoarl 2016 - Edward Adamson & Heather Stoney-Grayshon receive reserev champion for indoor trade stand.jpg

Pictured above is Edward Adamson, Northern Ireland Breeders Club Chairman and Society Promotions Officer Heather Stoney-Grayshon with the certificate and bottle of champagne awarded to the Society for their stand in the indoor stand competition at Balmoral Show.  Well done and thank you to all who helped including Declan Mullen who supplied the sheep.

NSA encourages sheep keepers to understand how changes to livestock movement rules may benefit individual businesses

The National Sheep Association (NSA) has welcomed new movement reporting rules for farmers in England as ‘a step in the right direction’ and urges all sheep keepers to consider how to make the most of them over the coming months.

Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says: “The move from the five-mile rule to a 10-mile rule will be a huge win for many sheep farmers, allowing separate holdings to be merged in some scenarios, reducing the reporting and recording burden for moving stock, and removing some of the difficulties created by standstill rules. While solving many of the current complexities, the new system will take time to implement and producers will have to wait to be contacted by Defra/APHA as the changes are rolled out across England by late summer 2017 – but I urge all sheep keepers to get their head around the changes now. They need to establish if they want to merge holdings, and how this will affect future eartag orders. I’d also urge producers to consider if the new rules for temporary land use affect them.”

NSA considers the changes to be positive in the main, and is also pleased to see a shorter timeline that originally planned for the changes (12 months instead of two years). This is of particular benefit as Defra has promised a full scale review of the current six-day standstill situation as the next stage of work in cutting red tape for the sector.

Mr Stocker adds: “Some individuals may not find all the changes to be of benefit, but this is definitely a step in the right direction for the industry as a whole. The sheep sector is in desperate need of a level of tolerance on EID and movement reporting but work by NSA to push for this has been met with resistance within Defra due to the EU’s unease with certain UK derogations within the legislation. We know Defra has been keen to remove derogations related to sheep identification in pursuit of higher tolerances and, while removing the ability for farmers to batch report moves between different holdings within the same business would have been impractical with the current five-mile rule, removing it once we have the extension to a 10-mile radius in place will negate the need to report individual numbers for the majority of moves. NSA recognises the removal of the batch reporting exemption presents a potentially onerous task for producers who rely on it for longer distance moves, but if it results in tolerances that reduce cross compliance penalties then it may be a price worth paying.”

NSA recognises its work on behalf of sheep farmers must continue, to ensure Defra secures the promised tolerances at EU level, and to implement a more proportionate system as a result of the standstill review.

Mr Stocker concludes: “The industry needs to see an end to cross compliance penalties related to innocent mistakes. These penalties cause financial hardship as well as anxiety and stress for producers who’ve fallen foul of the system. Overall we still need to be pushing to reduce red tape and burdensome controls overall, but we also need a demonstrable level of disease control and to be able to reasonably comply in order to benefit from CAP funds.”

The Defra announcement is available here and the guidance note can be found here. NSA is available to its members to help with specific questions.


PhD studentship - Genome-wide analysis of maternal ability in the Lleyn sheep (Jan 2016)

Project Description: This project will be carried out at Cardiff University (CU) using cutting edge genomics tools to identify the genetic basis of key valuable production characteristics of the Lleyn breed, especially maternal ability and prolificacy.

This project will provide excellent training in modern agricultural technology, including genomics, statistical analysis and experimental design. It will be carried out in close collaboration between Cardiff University and the Lleyn Sheep Society, including Signet performance recorded flocks, and will include substantial on-farm research.

Eligibility: applicants must be UK/EU citizen and have a work or study address in West Wales and the Valleys.

Start Date: 1st October 2016

Funding: the PhD project is funded by KESS II who will cover student stipend (RCUK rates) plus £3.5K/year for consumables, training, travel and equipment costs. The school will cover fees.

To register your interest, please email your contact details to promotions@lleynsheep.complease put PhD studentship in the title.



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