EXPORT AFTER BREXIT - 1st January 2021

Below is a link to the Government website regards exporting livestock after 1st January 2021.

This does include information about:

  • Tagging/Identification
  • Moving animals from GB to NI
  • Documents Required

SRUC Movements from GB to EU and NI from 2021 (Health certificates and Scrapie Rules)

NSA expresses outrage at threat to Northern Ireland sheep sector

DEFRA Letter to Farmers regards Export to EU after 1st January (14/12/20)

Export or move live animals and animal products to the EU from 1 January 2021 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

How your livestock intended for EU export need to be identified from 2021 DEFRA

The Impact of BREXIT on the UK's Breed Societies Webinar Hosted by NSA



As it currently stands the NI protocol requires that any breeding sheep moved from GB to NI after 1st January 2021 will need to be ‘scrapie free’  (either blood tested genotype 1 ARR/ARR or part of the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme [SMS]).  

Defra is considering the position advised and supported by industry that a seven year ‘period of grace’ should be allowed to give time for farmers interested in this trade to adapt and get through the SMS requirements. DEFRA are therefore liaising with their EU counterparts on the matter.  It is hoped we will hear more on this soon, we will endeavour to keep members updated as soon as possible. 


As a Zootech Registered Breed Society we are aware of the recent announcements made relating to pedigree status, flock books and breeding programs.  We continue to contact other breed societies and industry organisations with regards to the matter as we seek to clarify our position

At the moment we understand that the Society will not be able to print Zootech certificates for sheep residing outside of the UK (i.e. Republic of Ireland) after 1st January 2021.  A Zootech certificate is needed to transfer pedigree details between breeding books in other EU countries.  Currently we are unclear of any other changes or issues this may bring and are monitoring the situation. 


We will make every effort to update you as breeders when we have clearer guidance surrounding all the above issues.  

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