Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020

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Pure Bred & Crossbred Lleyn

David & Becka Henderson Flock 1836

David & Becka farm at Toucks, Kincardinshire, North Scotland.  They lamb last week in March-early April.  They run pure bred and cross bred Lleyn.  The crosses are Beltex, Blue Texel and Dutch spotted.

They are all grass fed, they do not creep the twins and triplets.  The singles are creep fed to push forward for the early prime lamb market.

MAY 2020

These lambs are 8 weeks old, weighing an average of 31kg.  There is a mix of crosses and pure breds.  Pink and green tags are the crosses, purple and blue are the pures.  Any with a spot between the shoulders is a triplet and will not be kept for breeding.  The Dutch spotted are easily picked out as the black lambs where as the Beltex and Blue Texel are similar.

JUNE 2020

MAY 2020 (2)

The lambs are going through the race to be heptavac vaccinated, treated with Clik to prevent flystrike, recorded the eight week weight and taken muck samples for FEC.  Ewes were also footbathed, muck sampled and dagged out.

JULY 2020

Those lambs i.e. pure bred not good enough for replacements or ram breeders and the crossbred lambs have now been well gone through with many sold off the farm.  Harvest is now the priority work.

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