Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020

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Pure Bred Lleyn

Seamus Killen Flock 1621

Lambs born mid March.  Singles and triplets are lambed indoors whilst twins are outdoors. Farm runs from shores of Carlingford Lough to the foot of the Mourne Mountains. Also have access to mountain grazing.  Farm is stoney with a light soil. Burns up in Summer but great in winter for out wintering sheep.  Mostly grass fed with the exception of meal being fed to in lambing ewes six weeks prior to lambing. Once lambed ewes and lambs are grass fed.

MAY 2020

A batch of twins. Grazing a field intended for silage however with the lack of rain we have had to graze.  Thankfully only slurried a month ago and no fertilizer had been sown.  Lambs all dosed for worms, mineral drench and have had there two vaccinations.

JULY 2020

JUNE 2020

Due to lack of rain lambs we weaned mid June. Lambs were split between ram and ewe lambs. We will retain 40 to 50 ewe lambs for replacements and the rest will be sold for pedigree or commercial breeding. The best 50 ram lambs have been retained and the rest were sold with the exception of a few wee ones. They averaged 18kgs and made £72. The remaining ram lambs will be inspected each month until 12 are left. These will be over-wintered for shearlings.

The prime lambs are now all sold.  Ewe lambs are either sold or away to grass as being kept for replacements.  Some tip lambs will also be kept to see how they grown out.

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