Scrapie Qualifying Status (GB)

P097 - G & V Matravers (Amy) Flock 519 - Class 5 - 1st PRIZE.jpgFor non-monitored flocks wishing to export sheep/goats to Northern Ireland only, a new temporary Scrapie Qualifying status has been created.

You can download the Scrapie Qualifying Notes for further details about this temporary new status.

To obtain Scrapie Qualifying status, flock owners/keepers must apply to join the SMS on or before 31 December 2021 and undertake to comply with SMS rules for the next three years after which they will progress to SMS (Controlled Risk) status. The normal Scrapie Monitoring Scheme annual fee will be charged for Qualifying status flocks.

It is advised you go to the SRUC website for further information.

Recent Webinar with DEFRA & SRUC (13/12/21)

Powerpoint Presentation

Q & A

  1. Timeline is the biggest issue with this. Is there any possibility of an extension? Unfortunately not as the current solution was agreed with the EU following negotiation
  2. Can I just confirm if SQS (Scrapie Qualifying Scheme) sheep exported to NI are eligible to go into a SMS (Scrapie Monitored Scheme) flock? No they cannot join a SMS flock. SQS sheep cannot move either in Scotland or in NI to an SMS flock.
  3. With regards to the deadline, if someone puts their application in on the 31st will it be accepted, as the offices may be closed? Our office is open on the 31st, anything received by SRUC on 31st will be eligible for entry.
  4. Have many applied to the qualifying scheme to date? 40 applications to date (13/12/21) (mixed breeds)
  5. Can I ask where we are with allowing Auction Marts to hold a sale to include SQS and SMS sheep along with non scheme sheep? We are currently talking to the market and the market operators’ auctioneers both for cattle and for sheep. There is a bit of work yet to do but it’s moving the right way. It will ultimately be an operator decision. In theory it can be done but in practice up to the operators and auctioneers decide and deliver.
  6. Regarding the test for scrapie. Can the fallen stock companies submit that for you? Yes, you need to be a member of national fallen stock company. On the website there is a list of their contractors that are licensed to do the sampling and sending of testing for the scrapie management scheme. There is quite a large number that can do that. There is a form on the National Fallen Stock Company website where you can download the form and send with the carcass and they can do the sampling and send to lab for testing.   Link is here: Scrapie Monitoring Scheme Members - TSE sampling & testing for Sheep & Goats over 18 months of age - National Fallen Stock Company (


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