Scrapie Qualifying Status (GB)

P097 - G & V Matravers (Amy) Flock 519 - Class 5 - 1st PRIZE.jpgFor non-monitored flocks wishing to export sheep/goats to Northern Ireland only, a new temporary Scrapie Qualifying status has been created.

You can download the Scrapie Qualifying Notes for further details about this temporary new status.

To obtain Scrapie Qualifying status, flock owners/keepers must apply to join the SMS on or before 31 December 2021 and undertake to comply with SMS rules for the next three years after which they will progress to SMS (Controlled Risk) status. The normal Scrapie Monitoring Scheme annual fee will be charged for Qualifying status flocks.

It is advised you go to the SRUC website for further information.

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