Virtual Show 2021

Entries close 6th August

Judge: Mr Charles Geldard, Cumbria

Schedule of classes:

The below entries are to be sent in as videos.  Each video is to be no longer than 59 seconds.

Class 1 – Group of 5 Registered Lleyn Shearling Ewes

Class 2 – Group of 5 Registered Lleyn Ewe Lambs

Class 3 – A Registered Lleyn Shearling Ram

Class 4 – A pen of 5 crossbred lambs bred from Lleyn ewes (the breed of sire is to be noted at time of entry)

Prize Money

1st prize = £30, 2nd prize = £20, 3rd prize = £10

Overall Champion = £100, Overall Reserve = £50


  1. The aim is to provide some fun and competition for breeders whilst promoting the Lleyn sheep.
  2. You must be a fully paid-up member of the Lleyn Sheep Society to enter
  3. A maximum of one entry per class, per flock
  4. Entry is FREE
  5. You must do a separate video for each class.  The videos must be no longer than 59 seconds long.  Videos longer than 59 seconds will not be judged.
  6. You must try to show the front, side, rear and top view of the animals.  The animals must be seen walking at some point.  Although the background is not being judged, it is recommended you consider this carefully. 
  7. No persons face is to be visible in the footage.
  8. No airbrushing, professional editing or filters allowed.
  9. It is recommended that you hold the phone or camera in the landscape position when filming.
  10. Normal society rules regarding no colouring and trimming apply.  Breed Characteristics are to be obeyed, see page 83 in your handbook or see online.
  11. Entries are to be emailed to  (or WhatsApp 079666 99930) by Friday 6th August.  Your entry must include your name, class number and Society flock number
  12. The results will be announced after the closing date via the website and social media.
  13. The judges’ decision will be final.
  14. All first places in the classes will go forward for the championship.

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