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Annual Sale at Ross on Wye – Thursday 4th September 2014

The aged ewes set off the day with a strong trade. The shearling ewes trade settled through the mid part of the sale with strong prices in both the pedigree and commercial categories.Ewe lambs saw plenty of interested customers at the ringside.

The highlight was Derek & Cindy Steen, Lockerbie selling their 1st prize pen of five shearling ewes for £300/head to Dan O’Brien, Argoed. The Steen’s also had the next best price when selling another pen at £250/head to Mrs S Collett, Cheltenham. DW Ellis, Betws y Coed sold two pens at £200/head also to Mrs Collett.

The Non MVA shearlings saw MT Pritchard, Hereford sell two pens of ten for £135/head and £132/head to S Madeley, Ross on Wye.

In the Ewe Lambs, the 1st prize pen from TP Radford shown by Daniel Rowbottom topped the section when selling for £125/head to PG Kane & Son, Warwickshire. The second prize pen from AW Davies, Pwllheli were next at £118/head to Mrs S Collett. E & D Jones sold a pen of 7 for £112/head to D Stubbs, Uttoxeter.

There were many commercial pens of shearlings picked up for £120 - £170 with buyers seen to be choosy on skins and size. In the ewe lambs skins and shape were seen to be more closely scrutinised with many pens being picked up from £80 - £90.

The Aged ewes had been sold first through the ring. They set off at a very solid trade. M & P Hendy, Bath sold a pen of 2 year olds for £150/head. George Cullimore, Bath sold a pen of 2 year olds for £145/head. Mrs Phyl Hale, Newent sold her two year olds for £140/head. All three lots were purchased by T Hill, Usk.

The rams saw G & A Fort, Keighley top the sale when selling Brightonhouse Country King for the day’s top price of 3000gns to SL & B Keswick, Gloucester. This ram was Brightonhouse homebred from a homebred sire and dam.

Next DN Bennett & Son, Powys sold Plasucha Copycat, also homebred with homebred parents.  He sold for 2700gns to C Phillips, Macaroni Farm, Cirencester. E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold a Lluest ram sired by Wraycastle Warrier for 1800gns to Penrice Castle Estates, Swansea.



Shearling Ewes to £300 av. £141.36

Ewe Lambs to £125 av. £91.61

Ewes to £150 av. 129.71

Rams to 3000gns av. £668.37


Shearling Ewes to £135 av. £101.12

Top prices

Shearling Ewes

DJ Steen £300

DJ Steen £250

DW Ellis £200 (x2)

JA & R Geldard & Sons £178

JA & R Geldard & Sons £175

L Organ £175

WJ & DJ Williams £170

G & A Fort £170

DN Bennett & Son £170

Ewe Lambs

TP Radford £125

AW Davies £118

E & D Jones £112

T & B Fort £110

E & D Jones £108

E & D Jones £105

WJ & DJ Williams £105

WJ & DJ Williams £102

C Price £100

ST Morris £100

E & D Jones £100

TP Radford £100

Aged Ewes

M & P Hendy £150

G Cullimore £145

PS Hale £140

M & P Hendy £138

G Cullimore £125

BFE Jackson £105

D & B Vaughan £102

D & B Vaughan £100


G & A Fort 3000gns

DN Bennett & Son 2700gns

E & D Jones 1800gns

E & D Jones 1200gns

DJ Steen 1250gns

Orchard Lleyn 1050gns

G & A Fort 950gns

G & A Fort 920gns

T & B Fort 900gns


Show Results

Judge: David Knowles


Shearling Ewes

1st DJ Steen

2nd JA & R Geldard & Sons

3rd DN Bennett & Son


Ewe Lambs

1st TP Radford

2nd AW Davies

3rd P Hale


Shearling Rams

1st AW Davies (473)

2nd HA & R Geldard & Sons (453)

3rd G & A Fort (420)



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