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Annual Sale at Ruthin Farmers Mart - Monday 1st September 2014

The commercial buyers looking for large numbers helped to put a bottom in the commercial shearling ewe trade.  The best ewes were being purchased by breeders looking to buy for pedigree ram breeding.

Ruthin 2014 Top Prices Females from DW Ellis £255.jpgThe top price of the day was Dewi Ellis, Betws y Coed when he sold his pen of five strong shearling ewes for £255/head to Ashton Selway, Dorset.  This pen had previously won the inaugural National Lleyn Sheep Competition at the Livestock Event in July.

The Champion pen of the day from DN Bennett & Son sold for £250/head
 to GE & HE Sevonoaks, Abergavenny.  JK Goldie, Dumfries sold a pen for £250/head, this pen had been placed 3rd in the pre-sale show.  They were bought by Mr Harris, Northallerton.  The Goldie Family also sold a pen for £205/head to T Davies & Son.  JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal and Lionel Organ, Carmarthenshire sold pens for £200/head.

There were many commercial pens sold for £140 - £190/head.

In the ewe lamb section buyers were more choosey with the better grown lambs getting away much easier.  AW Davies, Pwllheli topped with the reserve champion female pen realising £135/head to RG & ME Davies.  JK Goldie, Dumfries got a pen away at £110/head to T Price, Ceredigion.  WJ & DJ Wiliams, Pwllheli sold the second prize pen for £110/head to J Martland.  JM & GC Adams, Truro sold for £102/head and C Price, Brecon £100/head.

The stronger commercial lambs were getting away for £75 to £98/head.  The commercial buyers were at the sale early bidding well for the ewe lambs in the non MVA section at the start of the sale from £62-£104/head.  RE & A Jones, Ynys Mon sold a pen of nine lambs for £104/head to PW Jones.  AG Roberts sold a pen of eight for £104/head to G Hughes.

The aged ewe section saw the sheep finding homes relatively easily with GO & E Williams, Corwen topping at £130/head for two year ewes sold to K Lightfoot, Mold.  Mr Lightfoot also bought a pen from RST & SA Morgan, Whitchurch for £125/head.  The first prize pen, four year olds from DW Ellis realised £116/head.

Ruthin 2014 Top Priced Ram Lot 105 from Hamish Goldie 6200gns WEBSITE.jpgThe first 100 rams through the ring found bids easily with only the odd couple unsold.  The highlight was a shearling shown by Hamish Goldie, Dumfries, lot 105, Lochar Chairman which sold for 6200gns to buyers JA & R Geldard & Sons and Simon Kavanagh, Skipton.  Chairman is bred from a Lluest Wen sire out of a Goldie ewe. 

Next to top was lot 113 from Lionel Organ.  Southam Cavalier is a shearling ram sired by a Wynne Davies ram whilst out of a homebred ewe.  He sold for 3600gns to JF Robinson & Son, Shropshire.  Hamish Goldie also brought to the ring with his Orchard Lleyn Flock lot 67, Lochar Cavilier which is bred by the same Lluest Wen sire as the top priced ram.  This one sold for 3100gns to E & D Jones, Machynlleth.

The Geldard Family sold lot 28, a Wraycastle ram bred from a Norman Lawrence sire for 2600gns to West Berwick Farms, Skipton.  AW Davies, Pwllheli sold Bronallt Carlsberg for 2100gns to WP & NL Davies.  T & B Fort, Keighley sold Fort Cracker for 2050gns to GH Blakey, Northumberland.

There was just one ram lamb forward, from DW Ellis, Betws y Coed.  Llaethog Dan found a home with WK Roberts, Gwynedd for 360gns.


MVA Section

Shearling Ewes to £255  av. £150

Ewe Lambs to £135 av. £80

Aged ewes to £130 av. £101

Shlg Rams to 6200gns  av. £810.65

2 YO Rams to 1100gns  av. £658

3 YO Rams to 1300gns av. £656

Non MVA Section

Shearling Ewes to £140  av. £117

Ewe Lambs to £104  av. £87.18

Aged Ewes to £106  av.£73.20

Rams to 320gns av. £325.50

Top Prices

Shearling Ewes

DW Ellis £255

DN Bennett & Son £250

JK Goldie £250

Hamish Goldie £205

JA & R Geldard & Sons £200

Lionel Organ £200

DN Bennett & Son £192

C Lewis £190 (x2)

JK Goldie £190

Ewe Lambs

AW Davies  £135

JK Goldie £110

WJ & DJ Williams £110

RE & A Jones (Non MVA) £104

A G Roberts (Non MVA) £104

JM & GC Adams £102

C Price £100

P Knowles £98

RE & A Jones (Non MVA) £96

R & N Griffiths (Non MVA) £96

A Parry £95


GO & E Williams £130

RST & SA Morgan £125

RV & GE Jones £120

WK Roberts £120

DW Ellis £116

RW Wynne £114


Shearling Rams

Hamish Goldie 6200gns

Lionel Organ 3600gns

Orchard Lleyn (Hamish Goldie) 3100gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons 2600gns

AW Davies 2100gns

T & B Fort 2050gns

G & A Fort 1850gns

G & A Fort 1720gns

C Lewis 1300gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons 1300gns

Aged Rams

AW Hughes 1300gns

JM & GC Adams 1100gns

IO & A Jones 420gns

DW Ellis 420gns

Ram Lambs

DW Ellis 360gns


Show Results

Aged Ewes

1st Dewi Ellis

2nd RV & GE Jones

3rd AW Hughes


Shearling Ewes

1st DN Bennett & Son

2nd JG & R Geldard & Sons

3rd JK Goldie


Ewe Lambs

1st AW Davies

2nd WJ & DJ Williams

3rd IO & A Jones


Champion Females – DN Bennett & Son (shearling ewes)

Reserve Females – AW Davies (ewe lambs)


Aged Ram

1st AW Hughes (70)

2nd DW Ellis (25)

3rd IO & A Jones (36)


Shearling Ram

1st AW Davies (10)

2nd R Bennett (56)

3rd T Davies (102)


Shearling Ram bred by a North Wales Club Member and exhibited by the breeder

1st AW Davies (13)

2nd WJ & DJ Williams (120)

3rd IO & A Jones


Ram Lamb

1st DW Ellis


Champion Ram – AW Davies (10)

Reserve Ram – R Bennett (56)



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