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Lleyn Sheep Society

Sale at Bakewell – Saturday 19th September 2015

A successful commercial sale with high clearance rates across the sections.

AW Davies, Pwllheli topped the shearling ewe section when he sold his 3rd prize pen for £150/head to MW Mottershaw, Chesterfield.  The same buyer paid £142/head for the first prize pen from M Reader, Congleton.  Brooksby College, Melton Mowbray sold their 2nd prize pen for £124/head to TJ Hall, Burton on Trent.

In the ewe lambs Mr Davies, Pwllheli once again came top, this time with his first prize pen which sold for £100/head to judge Wallace McCurdie, Rugby.  The 2nd prize pen from TP Radford, Heydour sold for £98/head to M Hawkins, Heague.  M Proudly, Gringley on the Hill sold his pen for £88/head to M Kinnes, Driffield.  Buyers stayed around to bid for the non MVA section which included 60 ewe lambs, all of which found homes.  DM Smith, Hazelbech topped with a pen of 10 selling for £72/head to J Wall, Ashbourne.

The ram section also saw AW Davies top with his third prize ram Bronallt Deio sired by a homebred ram selling for 420gns to GG Wagg, Alfreton.  Mr Davies sold another ram Bronallt Deutz for 400gns to WL Cooper, Matlock.  The first prize ram, Kelby Dynamic from TP Radford sired by a Brightonhouse sire sold for 400gns to JH Statham & Son, Uttoxeter.


Shearling Ewes to £150 av. £122

Ewe Lambs to £100 av. £86

Rams to 420gns av. £385.90

Non MVA Ewe Lambs to £72 av. £56

Top prices

Shearling Ewes

AW Davies £150

M Reader £142

Brooksby College £122

Ewe Lambs

AW Davies £100

TP Radford £98

MR Proudley £88


AW Davies 420gns

AW Davies 400gns

TP Radford 400gns

Show Results

Judge:  Wallace McCurdie, Rugby

5 Shearling Ewes

  1. M Reader
  2. Brooksby College
  3. AW Davies

5 Ewe Lambs

  1. AW Davies
  2. TP Radford
  3. MR Proudley

Shearling Ram

  1. TP Radford (268)
  2. M Kinnes (265)
  3. AW Davies (269)

Champion – M Reader – Shearling ewes

Reserve – TP Radford – Shearling Ram

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