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Sale at Ballymena – Saturday 12th September 2015

A sale where momentum took hold.  100% of the females were sold with trade stronger towards the end.  The shearling ewes set off cautiously for the first half a dozen pens but then the ring filled with more buyers and the momentum built.  The ewe lambs saw a great trade when following on from the built up momentum.

A small selection of aged ewes were sold first with Alex Hegan, Comber topping at £100/head for a pen of 8 two year olds.  These were purchased by Pat Bobbett, Lusk.  Next Crosby Cleland, Saintfield sold a pen of mixed two and three year oldS for £92/head to Ryan Mcelhinney, Letterkenny.

Aubrey Bothwell, Maguiresbridge topped the shearling ewe section when he sold a pen of ten for £180/head to Ryan Mcelhinney, Mr Bothwell then sold his second prize pen of five for £175/head to Fergal McKenna, Gortin and another pen of ten for £172/head to James Nolan, Fenagh.  In the second half of this section shearling ewes were selling for £130 to £180/head.

Ewe lambs set off well with trade holding to the end.  This section was topped by the first prize pen from R & E Edwards, Carrowdore, they sold for £130/head to B Cooper, Castlederg.  Seamus Killen was next with a pen of five which sold for £128/head to Henry Gamble, Bangor.  There were six different pens from different vendors sold at £125/head.  42 out of the 49 pens of ewe lambs sold for £100/head or above.

27 out of the 34 rams forward were sold.  Buyers were selective with size and skins proving the decision maker for most.  The Kennedy Family, Ballyclare had a successful day.  Firstly C & A Kennedy sold the champion ram Mileview Darcy, sired by a homebred ram Mileview Glenariffe for 1600gns to Adrian Dunne, Strabane.  This followed by the sale of Mileview Dart, sired by the same ram.  He sold for 1350gns to Justin & Austin Morgan, Newry.  J & C Kennedy sold Skilganaban Downtown sired by another homebred ram for 1300gns to Pat Bobbett, Lusk.


17 Ewes to £100 av. £88.24 (-11.29)

270 Shearling Ewes to £180 av. £147.17 (-3.08)

313 Ewe Lambs to £130 av. £109.46 (+9.46)

27 Rams to 1600gns av. £512.56

Top Prices


Alex Hegan £100

C Cleland £92

C Cleland £82

Shearling Ewes

A Bothwell £180

A Bothwell £175

J & C Kennedy £172

A Bothwell £172

C & A Kennedy £170

RJ Johnston £165

D Mullan £165

R Manson £162

C & A Kennedy £160

R Manson £160

Ewe Lambs

R & E Edwards £130

S Killen £128

D Mullan £125

A Bothwell £125

S Killen £125 (x2)

C Cleland £125

B Latimer £125

C Cleland £122

B Latimer £122


C & A Kennedy 1600gns

C & A Kennedy 13050gns

J & C Kennedy 1300gns

C & A Kennedy 700gns

D Mullan 700gns

A Bothwell 550gns

R & E Edwards 520gns

A Bothwell 520gns

B Latimer 520gns

B Latimer 450gns

Show Results

Judge : Peter Shields, Belmont

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. RJ Johnston
  2. A Bothwell
  3. J Coulter
  4. D Mullan

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. R & E Edwards
  2. J Coulter
  3. C & A Kennedy
  4. C Quigley

Aged Ram

  1. A Bothwell (135)
  2. C Cleland (131)
  3. H Warden (146)
  4. J Coulter (122)

Shearling Ram

  1. C & A kennedy (127)
  2. S Killen (139)
  3. C & J Kennedy (119)
  4. R & E Edwards (110)

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