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Sale at Roscommon Mart – Saturday 19th September 2015

An exceptional trade was seen at Roscommon this year.  Demand in all sections outstripped supply.

The females started well with two year old ewes from Brian Mattews, Killeigh selling for €255/head to William Galvin, Geashill and another pen at €232/head to Justin Browne, Eniscorthy.

The first few pens of shearling ewes met a cautious crowd hence some did not find homes but once confidence built the trade soared with every pen sold with a strong demand.  Clive & Hazel Long, Lifford topped the section with their 1st prize pen selling for €340/head to Michael Murphy, The Rower.  Alan McDonald, Killeigh was next with the 3rd prize pen selling at €300/head to Mary Gordon, Enniscrone.  Jordan Long, Lifford sold a pen for €290/head to William Power, Enniscorthy.  Brendan Donnellan sold two pens at €270/head to Raymond Kelly, Templeboy and a pen of 11 to Ryan McElhinney, Letterkenny.  There were many commercial type pens picked up for €180 - €240.

The strong confidence continued into the ewe lambs were the section once again got dearer as the sale moved on.   There was 100% clearance.  Brendan Donnellan topped with his first prize pen selling for €280/head to S & B Morrow, Convoy.  Peter Shields, Dundalk sold a pen for €230/head to Alan McDonald, Killeigh.  Anthony Whooley sold a pen for €225/head to William Power, Enniscorthy.  Brendan Donnellan also sold at this price to Malachy Harney, Eadenstown.  Eleven pens sold for €200/head and over.  There were many commercial pens sold for €140 -€180.

The rams also saw a great clearance with only two not finding a home.  Clive & Hazel Long topped the section with Finnleigh Lleyn Dazzling Spirit.  Sired by Plasucha Bobby Dazzler, out of a Plasucha  ewe.  He sold for €1200 to Michael Murphy, The Rower.  Peter Shields, Dundalk came next with a Belmont ram sired by AW Hughes sire and out of a homebred ewe.  He sold for €980 to Brendan Donnellan, Ballinasloe.  Brian Matthews, Killeight sold Blm Bandy by a Peter Shields ram for €900 to Orla Barry, Duncormick.  All rams sold for €300 and over.


12 Ewes to €255 av. €243

211 Shearling Ewes to €340 av. €233

196 Ewe Lambs to €280 av. €177

20 Rams to €1200 av. €606

Top Prices


Brian Matthews €255

Brian Matthews €232

Shearling Ewes

Clive & Hazel Long €340

Alan McDonald €300

Jordon Long €290

Brendan Donnellan €270 (x2)

Brendan Donnellan €265

Robin Darker €260

Orlan Barry €250

Thomas Conway €250

Ewe Lambs

Brendan Donnellan €280

Peter Shields €230

Brandan Donnellan €225

Anthony Whooley €225

Clive & Hazel Long €217

Jordan Long €205

Brendan Donnellan €205

R & M Brummitt €200

Mary Gordon €200 (x2)

Peter Shields €200


Clive & Hazel Long €1200

Peter Shields €980

Brian Matthews €900

Raymond Kelly €800

Alan McDonald €780

David Oliver €760

Brian Matthews €730

Brian Matthews €700

L & S McCrossan €700 (x2)

Show Results

Judge: Barry Latimer

Shearling Ewes

  1. C&H Long
  2. Brendan Donnellan
  3. Alan McDonald

Ewe Lambs

  1. Brendan Donnellan
  2. J O' Donoghue
  3. Peter Shirlds


  1. R. Kelly
  2. Alan McDonald
  3. Brian Matthews

Champion – Ram - R Kelly

Reserve Champion - Ewe Lambs - Brendan Donnellan

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