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Sale at Welshpool Livestock Mart – Saturday 26th September 2015

A stable trade for females today at Welshpool whilst rams saw a more careful return from the purchasers.  The results of the pre sale show followed through with the top prices going to winning stock.

The older ewes topped at £128/head when RST & SA Morgan, Coton sold a pen of 12 two year olds to A Moseley, Oswestry.  KE Griffiths, Felindre sold a pen of 6 two year olds for £110/head to A & G Redhead, Bowsden.

The shearling ewes saw the 1st prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli top at £275/head to S White, Warwickshire.  The Bennett family from Meifod sold two pens for £250/head.  First DN Bennett & Son to N Legge, Hatfield.  Later R Bennett sold to the same buyer.  JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal sold a pen for £200/head to S White, Warwickshire.  E & D Jones, Machynlleth also sold a pen at £200/head to Mark Roberts, Bets Y Coed.

For the commercial buyer there were many pens of quality shearling ewes that could be bought for £125 - £170, suitable for taking home and crossing for prime lamb production.

WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli also topped the ewe lamb section, again with a first prize pen.  At £200/head they sold to pre show judge John Morton, Penrith.  Next came the second prize pen from DM & EM Hughes, Morton which sold for £130/head to Edwards Partners, Oswestry.  T & B Fort, Keighley sold a pen at £125/head to HC Lewis, Caersws.

Well grown lambs suitable for tupping were easily sold for £100/head plus.  Running lambs were being sold for £75 - £90/head.

The long journey from West Yorkshire was made worthwhile for T & B Fort of Keighley.  Their shearling ram Double Diamond, sired by a Goldie ram, out of a homebred ewe was awarded the ram championship before going on to make the day’s top price of 2500gns.  He was taken home by J2 Farming, Oswestry.

WJ & DJ Williams sold Tacho Dwyfor, sired by a Wraycastle ram for 700gns to B & C Joseph, Church Stretton.  DN Bennett & Son, Meifod sold Plasucha Daylight bred by a homebred ram for 680gns to DA Pyke, Whitchurch.


51 Ewes to £128 av. £107.65

792 Shearling Ewes to £275 av. £140.29

528 Ewe Lambs to £200 av. £99.70

41 Rams to 2500gns av. £414.87

Top Prices


RST & SA Morgan £128

KE Griffiths £110

RST & SA Morgan £108

AW Davies £108

Shearling Ewes

WJ & DJ Williams £275

DN Bennett & Son £250

R Bennett £250

JA & R Geldard & Sons £200

R Bennett £190

JA & R Geldard & Sons £185 (x2)

E & D Jones £200

WG Lewis & AF Lewis £180

WJ & DJ Williams £175

R Bennett £175

ST Morris £170

J Hamer £170

E & D Jones £170

Ewe Lambs

WJ & DJ Williams £200

DM & EM Hughes £130

T & B Fort £125

P Knowles £118

G & A Fort £115

WG & AF Lewis £115

E & D Jones £112

RV & GE Jones £110

RJ & GE Jones £100

K James-Evans £100

AW Davies 100


T & B Fort 2500gns

WJ & DJ Williams 700gns

DN Bennett & Son 680gns

JK Goldie 540gns

H & M Dugdale 460gns

Orchard Lleyn 440gns

H & M Dugdale 420gns (x2)

DJ & GA Watkins 400gns

H Goldie 400gns

C Price 400gns

G & A Fort 400gns

Show Results

Judge: John Morton, Penrith

5 Shearling Ewes

  1. WJ & DJ Williams
  2. DN Bennett & Son
  3. R Bennett

5 Ewe Lambs

  1. WJ & DJ Williams
  2. DM & EM Hughes
  3. IO & A Jones

Shearling Ram

  1. T & B Fort (382)
  2. DN Bennett & Son (335)
  3. G & A Fort (385)