Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020

Lleyn Sheep Society Sale – Brecon Mart – Thursday 14th September 2017

It was the Inaugural sale of Lleyn sheep at Brecon Mart.  It certainly caused intrigued with a substantial crowd attending the mart.  There was a strong commercial customer base with a couple of new society members also purchasing to set up new flocks.  Many of the rams were bought for crossing, heading for Welsh hill flocks to help lift prolificacy and milkiness of their commercial sheep.

The older ewes sold up to £106/head for a pen of two-year olds from K James-Evans, Lampeter selling to JC Mathias, Swansea.  W Lewis, Haverfordwest sold a pen of nine four-year olds for £98/head to BG Brace, Kidwelly.  E & LM Jones, Carmarthen sold two-year olds for £90/head to AJ Law, Carmarthen.

The shearling ewe section topped at £195/head for the 1st prize pen from R Bennett, Meifod.  This pen of five were purchased by R Marshall, Carmarthen.  Next the second prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold for £174/head to L Organ, Llandysul.  S & E Radcliffe, Gower sold a pen of five for £170/head to Twose Farms, Whitland.  The stronger ewes could easily realise £140 and up leading to a good clearance in this section.

Ewe lambs saw an improving trade as the section moved through.  The top price of £140/head was realised by the last vendor into the ring.  JF Robinson & Sons, Church Stretton sold a pen of nine for £140/head to C & R Bowen, Haverfordwest.  Mr Bowen had earlier sold the first prize pen for £135/head to BG Brace, Kidwelly.  WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold for £125/head to J & E James-Evans, Lampeter.

In the ram section it was the first ram into the ring which topped the sale.  Macaroni Fergus from SCJ Phillips, Cirencester who is sired by Plasucha Bonzo sold for 580gns to GM Williams & Son, Newport.  There were three rams which hit the 520gns mark.  First Lionel Organ, Llandysul sold Southam Fivestar sired by Wold Lleyn Drill Sergent to SR & A Watkins, Llanwrda.  Colin Price, Brecon then followed through the ring with Felindre Fierce sired by Brighton Bounty who was purchased by A Williams, Trescastle.  The first prize ram from Dan O’Brien, Gwent, Valley Fury sired by a Penywern ram sold to DJ Hopkin, Swansea. The rams in the first half of the sale found homes more easily, once buyers had bought their quota the rams in the second half found it harder to be sold.


Ewes to £106 av. £95

MVA Shearling ewes to £195 av. £145

Non MVA Shearling ewes to £94 av. £93

Ewe Lambs to £140 av. £94

Rams to 580gns at £383


Top Prices


J & E James-Evans £106

W Lewis £98

E & LM Jones £90

Shearling Ewes

R Bennett £195

WJ & DJ Williams £174

S & E Radcliffe £170

HM Wells £165

HM Wells £162

E & L Thomas £160

L Organ £160

E & D Jones £160

DW Ellis £160 (x2)

AW Davies £160

S & E Radcliffe £160

Ewe Lambs

JF Robinson & Sons £140

C & R Bowen £135

WJ & DJ Williams £125

R Bennett £122

WJ & DJ Williams £110

C Price £110

C & R Bowen £105 (x2)

C Price £105

DW & CF Morris £105

DW & CF Morris £100


SCJ Phillips 580gns

L Organ 520gns

C Price 520gns

D O’Brien 520gns

GG & HE Sevenoaks 500gns

HM Wells 500gns

HM Wells 480gns

CG Phillips 440gns

DW & CF Morris 420gns

L Organ 420gns

Show Results

Judge: Wallace McCurdie, Rugby

Sponsored by Whittal Seeds

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. R Bennett
  2. WJ & DJ Williams
  3. E & L Thomas

Pen of 5 Ewe lambs

  1. C & R Bowen
  2. C Price
  3. R Bennett

Shearling Ram

  1. D O’Brien (133)
  2. L Organ (107)
  3. GE & HE Sevenoaks (113)