Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020

Lleyn Sheep Society - Sale at Exeter Mart – Thursday 24th August 2017

 Averages up at Opening Sale

The opening Society sale at Exeter saw a sound and solid trade with averages up on the year.  There was a lively atmosphere around the mart with high clearance rates across the sections.  A strong commercial influence saw both new and return buyers for larger quantities to fill trailers with females ready for breeding this autumn.  Rams also saw a spritely trade with many buyers taking away more than one ram helped by the noticeably great quality put forward by the breeders.

The older ewe section set the trade with two pens realising £140/head.  First RHS Turner, Honiton sold a pen of 3 four year olds to Harpers Holdings, Holsworthy.  Then JM & GC Adams, Truro sold 2 two year olds to T Inch, Bude.  JF Robinson & Sons, Church Stretton sold 4 two year olds for £138/head to Highgate Farm Partnership, Lostwithiel. There was 100% clearance in this section.

The shearling ewes seemed to start cautiously but after a few pens found their stride and settled into a solid and even trade.  There were two pens that realised the £175/head mark.  First RHS Turner sold 10 to Harpers Holding.  Later in the sale GG & H Sevenoaks, Abergavenny sold 6 to Rob Irwin, Umberleigh.  WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold a pen of 6 for £168/head to Highgate Farms.  AG Selway sold 5 at the same price to I Sturla, Crediton.  Mr Selway sold the champion pen of five for £165/head to J Gay, Bristol.  Barring two pen all the shearlings sold with many pens £140 to £155/head.

There was a class for individual shearling ewe with the three prizes winners sold separately.  The first prize ewe from AW Hughes, Garndolbenmaen sold for the top price of £260 to Highgate Farms.  The second prize ewe from AW Davies, Pwllheli sold for £192 to JR Williams & Daughters, South Molton.  The third prize ewe from P & S Eckett, Sturminster sold for £190 also to JR Williams & Daughters.

The buyers in the ewe lamb section were seen as more selective with demand for tupping lambs rather than running lambs.  Colin Price, Brecon sold the top priced pen which was second in the pre sale show to SP Gubbin & Son, Launceston for £125/head.  Next was the first prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams which sold for £123/head to BA Willis, Yelverton.  DW & CF Morris realised £120/head for a pen of five to C Stewart, Carmarthen.

There was a busy ringside when the rams came forward.  The pre show champion, Tacho Force from WJ & DJ Williams took top price of 1400gns when purchased by DC & C Evans, Ivybridge.  This shearling ram is out of a Tacho ewe by a Wraycastle ram.  Next was DW & CF Morris with Penywern Frankie.  This shearling ram is sired by Penywern Anchorman, out of a Plasucha ewe.  He was bought by FW Brewer, Exeter for 1100gns.  Three rams sold for a 1000gns. WJ & DJ Williams, Tacho Formidable, AG Selway with a Thornhill ram and MH Miller, Blandford with a Milton ram.


24 Aged Ewes to £140 av. £114.75 (+12)

403 Shearling Ewes to £175 (£260 individual) av. £147.86 (+15)

185 Ewe Lambs to £125 av. £87.40 (-3)

51 Rams to 1400gns av. £606 (+47)

Top Prices

Aged Ewes

RHS Turner £140

JM & GC Adams £140

JF Robinson & Sons £138

RHS Turner £135

JM & GC Adams £128

Shearling Ewes (pens)

RHS Turner £175

RHS Turner £175

A Selway £168

WJ & DJ Williams £168

E & D Jones £165

M Young £165

AW Davies £165

AW Davies £162

M Young £160

Manor Farms East Marden £160 (x2)

P & S Eckett £160

Shearling Ewes (individuals)

AW Hughes £260

AW Davies £192

P & S Eckett £190

Ewe Lambs

C Price £125

WJ & DJ Williams £123

DW & CF Morris £120

M & J Garcia £118

Twose farms £112

C Price £111

C Price £110

P & S Eckett £100

J & R Twose £100

AW Davies £98

WJ & DJ Williams £92

Twose farms £92


WJ & DJ Williams 1400gns

DW & CF Morris 1100gns

WJ & DJ Williams 1000gns

A Selway 1000gns

MH Miller 1000gns

JM & GC Adams 850gns

G Cullimore 850gns

CG Phillips 850gns

RHS Turner 820gns

JM & GC Adams 780gns


Pre Show Results

Judge: Peter Honey

Individual Shearling Ewe

  1. AW Hughes
  2. AW Davies
  3. P & S Eckett

West Country Club Member Shearling Ram

  1. A Selway (31)
  2. J Shipton (48)
  3. P & S Eckett (41)

Aged Ram

  1. RHS Turner (15)
  2. S Waters (50)
  3. CM Crudge (3)

Shearling Ram

  1. WJ & DL Williams (25)
  2. AW Davies (35)
  3. DW & CFMorris (6)
  4. A Selway (31)
  5. WJ & DJ Williams

Recorded Ram

  1. JM & GC Adams (21)
  2. JM & GC Adams (20)
  3. Manor Farms East Marden (46

Champion Ram – WJ & DJ Williams (25)

Best Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. A Selway
  2. J Shipton
  3. R & S Redwood

Best Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. WJ & DJ Williams
  2. C Price
  3. J & R Twose

Champion pen of Females – A Selway – shearling ewes

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