Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020

Lleyn Sheep Society – Annual Sale at Skipton Auction Mart – Thursday 28th September 2017

A move to the Lingfields ring helped to generate a warm and active atmosphere.  The bidders were selective paying good money for quality sheep.  All resulting in the sale averages being up across all sections on the day.

It was local breeder MJA & SIJ Shields of Timble who topped the shearling ewe section.  First they sold their 1st prize shearling ewes and overall show champions for £230/head to judge DN Bennett & Son, Powys.  The same home then sold another pen of five for £220/head to D & D Holdings, Ruthin.  Another local breeder G & A Fort, Keighley sold the second prize pen for £185/head to P Knowles, Kendal.  The prices followed the prizes with the third prize pen from JK Goldie, Dumfries selling for £175/head to Longmire Farm, Ulverston.  The stronger ewes ready to go to the tup were easily reaching £130 and above.  Buyers were there to pick up the smaller ewes and they were selling at lesser prices.

In the ewe lamb section G & A Fort topped, they sold the first prize pen for £115/head to W Shaw, Kirkbymoorside.  They then sold their next pen of five for £120/head to MW Barnes, Darlington.  It was JA & R Geldard & Son next with their second prize pen which sold for £110/head to W Shaw, Kirkbymoorside.  J Morton, Penrith sold two pens at £108/head.  First a pen of five to W Shaw, Kirkbymoorside and then a pen of thirteen to SJ Burton, Fellbeck.  There was a confident trade with the ewe lambs with tupping type lambs regular selling £90 plus and many pens in the £100 bracket.  Considering the recent drop in the prime lamb trade, few lambs were sold for under £80 with many running lambing changing hands from £80-85.

In the rams, it was the second prize ram from Orchard Lleyn, Dumfries which topped.  Lochar Freedom bred by H Goldie, sired by a Laga Farms ram he sold for 850gns to D & SK Crane, Thirsk.  Next local breeder HM Dugdale & Son, Settle sold Borrins Fire sired by Tacho Destroyer for 750gns to J Woodburn, Ulverston.  The Fort Family then sold two rams for 680gns.  First T & B Fort sold Fort Fortissimon sired by Lochar Clansman to AL & RL Lewis, Llandrindod Wells.  G & A Fort then sold Fort Fabulous also sired by Clansman to C & SD Leckonby, York.  The Champion ram from T & B Fort, Fort Federal by Clansman sold for 600gns to IO Jones, Conwy.


Shearling ewes to 230gns av. £132 (+3)

Ewe lambs to £120 av. £93 (+15)

Rams to 850gns av. £428 (+31)


Top prices

Shearling ewes

MJA & SIJ Shields £230

MJA & SIJ Shields £220

G & A Fort £185

JK Goldie £175

G & A Fort £170

AW Davies £165

JA & R Geldard & Sons £160

AW Davies £160

JA & R Geldard & Sons £148

JA & R Geldard & Sons £142

Ewe Lambs

G & A Fort £120

G & A Fort £115

JA & R Geldard & Sons £110

J Morton £108 (x2)

J Morton £105

L Jenkinson £105

Farmstock Genetics £102

T & B Fort £100 (x2)

AW Davies £100


Orchard Lleyn 850gns

HM Dugdale & Son 750gns

T & B Fort 680gns

G & A Fort 680gns

HM Dugdale & Son 650gns

G & A Fort 650gns

T & B Fort 600gns

HM Dugdale & Son 500gns

JK Goldie 500gns

Show Results

Judge: Alun Bennett, Powys

Shearling Ewes

  1. MJA & SIJ Shields
  2. G & A Fort
  3. JK Goldie

Ewe lambs

  1. G & A Fort
  2. JA & R Geldard & Sons
  3. Farmstock Genetics

Shearling Ram

  1. T & B Fort (22)
  2. Orchard Lleyn (39)
  3. HM Dugdale & Son (13)

Overall Champion – MJA & SIJ Shields – shearling ewes

Reserve Overall – G & A Fort – ewe lambs