Lleyn Sheep Society – Sale at Brecon Livestock Market

For the second annual sale held at Brecon, there was keen demand shown, especially for the shearling ewes with 100% sold through the ring to give an average of £157.50/head, up £12.50 on the year.  Stronger ewe lambs saw a brisk trade and those rams selected found new homes.

A handful of senior ewes sold first, all consigned from S Lewis, Haverfordwest.  3 year olds sold for £90/head, 4 year olds at £88 and 2 year olds £82/head.  All purchased by Messrs Morgan.

The Shearling ewes set off well and continued the positive trade throughout.  The 1st prize pen from HM Wells, Cardigan topped at £270/head with the final bidder being BG Brace, Kidwelly.  Next E & L Thomas sold the second prize pen at £205/head to C Price, Brecon.  Messrs Thomas sold pen of nine for £192/head to C Lewis, Powys.  Following the prizes, the third prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold for £192/head to R Marshall, Carmarthen.  There were many pens sold in the £150-£160 bracket with a pleasing standard of sheep on offer.

The ewe lamb section followed a similar pattern seen elsewhere.  The stronger lambs found bidders and agreeable prices relatively easily.  The smaller lambs saw demand but at a price below the current prime market hence vendors less wiling to sell.  D O’Brien, Blackwood sold the 1st prize pen for £152/head to BG Brace, Kidwelly.  The same buyer also bought Mr O’Briens next pen at £132/head.  C Price, Brecon sold his second prize pen for £125/head to AJ Jones, Mr Jones also bought Mr Prices next pen of ten at £110/head.  Stronger pens could easily command £95 and over with some smaller lambs changing hands between £70-£80/head, the overall average was the same as last year.

The top priced ram was Rowelen Gregory (00575/1700971), sired by Rowelen Edward from HM Wells.  He sold for 750gns to SR & A Watkins, Carmarthen.  Next AE Davies, Pwllheli sold Gurnor (01050/1705402), sired by a Kavanagh ram for 740gns to C Evans, Devon.  The pre-sale judge Daniel Rowbottom presented Kelby George (01624/1706995) on behalf of TP Radford, Lincolnshire.  Sired by a Cullimore ram he sold for 580gns to C Price, Lampeter.


Senior ewes to £90 av. £82.50

Shearling ewes to £270 av. £157.50 (+12.50)

Ewe lambs to £152 av. £94.00 (=)

Rams to 750gns av. £378.00


Senior Ewes

S Lewis (3YO) £90

S Lewis (4YO) £88

S Lewis (2YO) £82

S Lewis (5YO) £70

Shearling Ewes

HM Wells £270

E & L Thomas £205

E & L Thomas £192

WJ & DJ Williams £192

HM Wells £175

AW Davies £168

WJ & DJ Williams £168

GG & HE Sevenoaks £166

L Organ £166

L Organ £164

E & D Jones £160

Ewe Lambs

D O’Brien £152

D O’Brien £132

C Price £125

C Price £110

D & CF Morris £106

WJ & DJ Williams £105

AW Davies £104

Twose Farms £100

P Hale £95

T Rees £90


HM Wells 750gns

AE Davies 740gns

TP Radford 580gns

GG & HE Sevenoaks 440gns

D & B Vaughan 380gns

L Organ 380gns

Twose Farms 350gns

AW Davies 350gns


Judge: Mr Daniel Rowbottom, Linconshire

Sponsored by Carrs Billington Agriculture, Brecon

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. HM Wells
  2. E & L Thomas
  3. WJ & DJ Williams

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. D O’Brien
  2. C Price
  3. Twose Farms Ltd

Shearling Ram

  1. HM Wells (128)
  2. L Organ (110)
  3. D & B Vaughan (124)

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