Lleyn Sheep Society Annual Sale at Exeter Livestock Mart 2018

With the on-going after effects of the harsh winter and dry summer still lurking, there was much trepidation before the first Society sale of the season.  Fears were eased by a stable trade throughout the sale.  Although some ewes were showing signs of the dry summer, buyers seemed to be able to see past this with those that had faired a little better hence a little stronger benefitting from more bidders.

The senior ewes saw challenging trade, possibly hampered by this weeks dramatic drop in the cull trade.  The best saw a pen of 5 three year olds from AW Hughes, Garndolbenmaen and a pen of 3 three ewe olds from D & C Evans, Modbury both sell for £102/head.

The shearling ewe trade improved with later pens seeing the best of the days trade.  The top priced for the pens of ewes came from E & D Jones, Machynlleth, a pen of 6 which included the pen of 5 champion females.  This pen went on to sell for £180/head to Highgate Farm Partnership, Cornwall.  There were 3 pens which realised £165/head.  First Graham & Helen Sevenoaks, Abergavenny sold their 2nd prize pen of 5 to JR Williams & Daughters, South Molton.  WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold to Highgate Farm Partners.  AW Hughes, Garndolbenmaen sold to G Crossley, Cornwall.  Richard Turner, Honiton sold 5 for £164/head to T Hall, Penzance.  The non MVA section saw DW & P Lillyman sell shearling ewes to £123/head.  The sale was helped by several commercial buyers who had come to fill their trailers with numbers.

The ewe lambs saw quiet a ‘punchy’ trade.  DW & CF Morris travelled from Carmarthen and sold their pen of 5 for £116/head to SP Gubbin & Son, Launeston.  Also from South Wales, Colin Price, Brecon sold a pen of 5 for £111/head to the same buyer.  The second prize pen of 5 from AW Davies, Pellheli sold for £110/head to Harpers Holdings, Holsworthy.  There were many pens of tupping lambs in the late £90’s and over £100.  The smaller running type lambs were being sold when they reached £82/head and above.

The ringside remained well occupied for the sale of rams with 37 of the 50 forward finding new homes.  The Champion Ram from E & D Jones, Machynlleth, a Lluest Ram 00599/1708604, sired by Wraycastle Emmanual, the Carlisle Champion 2016.  He was sold for 1200gns to Robin Irwin, Umberleigh.  Next Penywern Grufford (00873/1700941), sired by Southarm Elderado from DW & CF Morris, Carmarthen sold for 1000gns to R Longland, Dorset.  AW Hughes, Garndolbenmaen sold Cae Rhos Garmon (00287/1702032), sired by Lochar Dread Nought for 850gns to P & C Andrews, Stourbridge.  Also for 850gns, E & D Jones sold Lluest 00599/1708555 sired by Whicastles Enigma to DE Hext & Son, Kingsbridge.  There was only one ram sold for less than 300gs with many in the 350 – 480gns range.


Senior ewes to £102 av. £86

Shearling ewes to £180 (pens), £300 (individual) av. £142

Ewe lambs to £116 av. £95

Rams to 1200gns av. £510


Senior Ewes

D & C Evans £102

AW Hughes £102

D & C Evans £100

RHS Turner £92

Shearling Ewes (pens)

E & D Jones £180

G & H Sevenoaks £165

WJ & DJ Jones £165

AW Hughes £165

RHS Turner £164

WJ & DJ Williams £158

DW & B Vaughan £156

AW Davies £156

G & H Sevenoaks £155

S Redwood £155

Shearling Ewes (individuals)

AW Hughes £300

RHS Turner £200

AW Davies £200

G & H Sevenoaks £170

Ewe Lambs

DW & CF Morris £116

C Price £111

AW Davies £110

C Price £101

WJ & DJ Williams £100

Twose Farms £100

C Price £100

Twose Farms £96

G & J Adams £94

AW Davies £92


E & D Jones 1200gns

DW & CF Morris 1000gns

AW Davies 850gns

E & D Jones 850gns

AW Davies 700gns

AW Davies 680gns

AW Davies 560gns

Twose Farms 550gns

G & J Adams 520gns

D & O Bond 500gns


Judge: David Stacey (Rams), John Adams (Females)

Pen of Five Shearling Ewes

  1. E & D Jones
  2. G & H Sevenoaks
  3. AW Davies

Pen of Five Ewe Lambs

  1. J & R Twose
  2. AW Davies
  3. WJ & DJ Williams

Champion Pen of Females – E & D Jones (Shearling ewes)

Individual Shearling Ewe

  1. AW Hughes
  2. AW Davies
  3. RHS Turner

Open Aged Ram

  1. AW Davies (44)
  2. C Price (29)
  3. J & R Twose (47

Open Recorded Shearling Ram

  1. G & J Adams (61
  2. E & D Jones (40)
  3. Manor Farm East Marden (52)

West Country Club Member Shearling Ram

  1. Sue Redwood (18)
  2. MH Miller (15)
  3. RHS Turner (23)

Open Shearling Ram

  1. E & D Jones (39)
  2. AW Davies (45)
  3. AE Davies (57)

Champion Ram – E & D Jones (Shearling Ram – 39)


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