Lleyn Sheep Society – Annual Sale at Skipton Auction Mart

This year’s sale took place in the newly renovated Lingfields Ring which certainly brought a pleasant atmosphere to the sale. With plenty of comfy seats for the potential buyers and a well-lit ring which showed the sheep off well.

The first prize pen of shearling ewes from Hamish Goldie, Dumfries topped at £165/head when selling to MD Shields, Thirsk.  Mr Goldie sold his next pen at £160/head to Rosneath Farm, Argyll.  Local breeders MJS & SIJ Shields, Timble, Otley sold their second prize pen for £160/head to Paradise Farmers, Hull.  Also local breeders, HM Dugdale & Sons, Settle sold pens for £145 & £140 to local commercial purchasers who have bought regularly before, A & A Bradley, Long Preston, Skipton.    Orchard Lleyn, Dumfries sold the third prize pen for £145/head to MD Shields, Thirsk.  Many shearling ewes were finding new homes from £100-£165/head.

The ewe lambs also followed the prizes with the first prize pen from T & I Walling, Selkirk selling for £90/head to MD Shields.  The second prize pen from T Riley, Chorley sold for £80/head to J Scott, Kendal, Cumbria.  J Morton, Penrith sold his pen of five for £90/head to MD Shields.  Lambs were changing hands from £62 - £90/head.

As it is the last Society sale of the season there was a stronger clearance than some sales on the rams.  It was Welsh breeder AW Davies, Pwllheli who topped with Bronallt Gus (00050/1704587) sired by Bronallt Dwain.  He sold for 550gns to MH Handley, Clitheroes.  Next the third prize ram from JK Goldie, Dumfries sold for 500gns.  Lochar Gilroy (01312/1704038) sired by Lochar Fantastic was purchased by J Bownass, Settle.  The rams that saw demand were selling in the 400-500gn region with many other rams changing hands for 300-380gn.


Shearling ewes to £165 av. £121 (-11)

Ewe Lambs to £90 av. £74 (-19)

Rams to 550gns av. £348 (-80)

Top Prices

Shearling Ewes

H Goldie £165

H Goldie £160

MJS & SIJ Shields £160

HM Dugdale & Sons £145

Orchard Lleyn £145

HM Dugdale & Sons £140

JA & R Geldard & Sons £138

MJS & SIJ Shields £130

HM Dugdale & Sons £128

HM Dugdale & Sons £125

Ewe Lambs

J Morton £90

T & I Walling £90

T Riley £80

J Morton £78

HM Dugdale  & Sons £76

T & I Walling £75 (x2)

P Knowles £70


AW Davies 550gns

JK Goldie 500gns

Orchard Lleyn 480gns

HM Dugdale 400gns

G & A Fort 400gns

Show Results

Judge: Graham Fort, Keighlaey

Shearling Ewes

  1. H Goldie
  2. MJS & SIJ Shields
  3. Orchard Lleyn

Ewe Lambs

  1. T & I Walling
  2. T Riley
  3. AW Davies

Shearling Ram

  1. J Morton (28 Sub)
  2. HM Dugdale & Sons (33)
  3. JK Goldie (16)

Champion – H Goldie – shearling ewes

Reserve – J Morton - ram

Photo Gallery

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