Lleyn Sheep Society – Annual Sale at Stirling (UA)

A change of date for this sale proved positive with 100% clearance for the sale of Lleyn females and all averages up on the year.  It was a great atmosphere with several buyers looking to fill trailers.  Rams also saw buyers stay at the ringside until the end.

The shearling ewe section kicked off with D McGowan, Alyth topping the section when selling her pen of five for £230/head to D Clark, Borgue.  It was the third prize pen from C Davidson, Orkney which saw the next highlight of £195/head to J & A Dunlop, Maybole, the same buyer also took another pen from Mr Davidson at £180/head.  Both H Goldie & JK Goldie, Ruthwell sold the 1st and 2nd prize pens for £170/head to T Barnes, Oban.

It was the first prize winners from T & I Walling, Selkirk who topped the ewe lamb section when selling for £118/head to Glasson Stables, Mauchline.  Messrs Walling sold further pens for £90/head twice to C Gammage, Stonebyres and  Glasson Stables and £85/head to Henderson Farms, Dunning. J Simson, Montrose sold the second prize pen for £90/head to Glasson Stables.

H Goldie, Ruthwell sold the third prize ram, Lochar Highland Fling (01312/1804845) sired by Plasucha Chief for 1350gns to T Barnes, Oban.  JK Goldie sold Lochar Herbert (01312/1804761) by the same sire for 1000gns to J Gibb, Galston.  The first prize ram from JK Goldie, Lochar Highroad (01312/1804582) also by Chief sold for 650gns to S Miller, Isle of Mull.  Laga Farms, Orkney sold a Lagas ram (00971/1812517) sired by a C Lewis ram for 650gns to J Gibb. Mr Gibb also paid 550gns for Whitlaw Hudson (00983/1813597) from T & I Walling.


Shearling Ewes to £230 av. £142 (+2)

Ewe Lambs to £118 av. £89 (+2)

Rams to 1350gns av. £552 (+132)

Top Prices

Shearling Ewes

D McGowan £230

C Davidson £195

C Davidson £180

H Goldie £170

JK Goldie £170

H Goldie £155

D McGowan £155

JK Goldie £150

T & I Walling £150

R & S Turnbull £142

Ewe Lambs

T & I Walling £118

T & I Walling £90 x 2

J Simson £90

T & I Walling £85

Shearling Rams

H Goldie 1350gns

JK Goldie 1000gns

Laga Farms 650gns

JK Goldie 650gns

T & I Walling 550gns

Show Results

Judge: Colin Crawford, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. H Goldie
  2. JK Goldie
  3. C Davidson

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. T & I Walling
  2. J Simson
  3. D Tucker

Shearling Ram

  1. JK Goldie (63)
  2. T & I Walling (57)
  3. H Goldie (65)

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