Carlisle Sale 2020

Following a very buoyant sale season so far, there was much optimism for today and breeders were not disappointed with averages far exceeding last year. 

In a socially distanced sale ring, the crowd gathered and the shearling ewes set off at £195 and £200 so the bar was set and stayed set throughout the sale.  There were 18 pens of shearling ewes at £200 and above with nothing selling under £172.  The ewe lambs saw all pens sell over £100 with 18 pens realising £120 plus.  The rams saw 35 hit 1000gns and above.

The shearling ewes were topped at £250/head when JK Goldie, Ruthwell sold to D Mullan, Coleraine.  H Goldie, Ruthwell sold at £240/head to A Calwell, Ballymena.  E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold the last pen into the ring for £228/head to Capper Farming, Johnstone.  D Steen, Moffat sold at £215/head to RV & G Jones, Wrexham.  L Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen sold a pen of 10 for £212/head to Capper Farming.  JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal started their run off at £210/head when bought by W & J Mair, Cumnock.  The section averaged at £192.50, £29.50 up on the year.

The momentum continued into the ewe lambs.  Farmstock Genetics, Selkirk realised the days top priced females when selling their top pen at £290/head to C McConville, Newry.  The same buyer also bought a pen from JG Morton, Penrith at £160/head.  JR Graham & Partners, Biggar had a large run selling his first pen at £145/head and another pen at £130/head both to RM Oglesby, York.  Farmstock Genetics sold further pens at £135/head and £130/head to RM Oglesby and D & MA Wilson, Workington.  RV & GE Jones, Wrexham made their journey worthwhile selling their pen at £135/head to AJ & A Mackintosh, Ravenglass.  With a section average of £127 they are ahead by £30 on the year.

The rams were topped by well known breeders E & D Jones, Machynlleth who have topped many of the ram sales this year.  With a Lluest Ram (00599/1910879) sired by Brightonhouse Gold Card.  He sold for 7000gns to Breeder Laga Farms in Orkney.  Next JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal sold a Wraycastle Ram (00621/1917222) sired by Netherton Fearless for 5000gns to breeder T Moffatt, Biggar.  The Geldard's sold another Wraycastle Ram (00621/19178610) sired by a Nelless ram for 3200gns to H & M Dugdale & Son, Settle.  GH Blakey, Morpeth had a successful day selling Netherton Invincible (01158/1906892) sired by Whitlaw Flippin Good for 4000gns to AW Davies, Pwllheli.  He sold Netherton Injector (01158/1906836) by the same sire for 2500gns to G & A Fort, Keighley. Mr Blakey had another ram at 2200gns and a further three at 1600gns.  WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold Tacho Ideal (00350/1905257) by Macaroni Grenade for 2800gns to E & D Jones, Machynlleth.  Early on in the sale JK Goldie sold Goldies Inspiration (01207/1904982) by a Laga ram for 2500gns to G & A Fort.  Rams that were picked out by breeders sold well with over 75% sold averaging £1163, £270 in front of last year.


Shearling Ewes to £250 av. £192.50 (+29.50)

Ewe Lambs to £290 av. £127 (+30)

Rams to 7000gns av. £1163 (+270)

Top Prices

Shearling Ewes

JK Goldie £250

H Goldie £240

E & D Jones £228

D Steen £215

L Jenkinson £212

JA & R Geldard & Sons £210

S & J Corcoran £206

H Goldie £205

E & D Jones £205

D Steen £202

R Johnston & Sons £200

Laga Farms £200

WJ & DJ Williams £200

JK Goldie £200

D Steen £200

H Goldie £200

GH Blakey £200

Orchard Lleyn £200

Ewe Lambs

Farmstock Genetics £290

JG Morton £160

JR Graham & Partners £145

Farmstock Genetics £135

RV & GE Jones £135

Farmstock Genetics £135

JR Graham & Partners £130

GH Blakey £130

Twose Farms £128

C & J Price £128

WJ & DJ Williams £125

WJ & DJ Williams £125

C & J Price £124

JR Graham & Partners £122

JG Morton £122

P Knowles £120

JR Graham & Partners £120

JG Morton £120


E & D Jones (27) 7000gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (92) 5000gns

GH Blakey (98) 4000gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (93) 3200gns

WJ & DJ Williams (24) 2800gns

JK Goldie (7) 2500gns

GH Blakey (100) 2500gns

E & D Jones (28) 2200gns

T & B Fort (60) 2200gns

GH Blakey (99) 2200gns

D Steen (17) 2000gns

C Lewis (74) 1800gns

E & D Jones (29) 1600gns

GH Blakey (101) 1600gns

GH Blakey (102) 1600gns

GH Blakey (103) 1600gns

JG Morton (47) 1500gns

C & A Kennedy (84) 1500gns

H & M Dugdale (34) 1400gns

T & B Fort (61) 1400gns

G & A Fort (69) 1400gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (96) 1400gns

H & M Dugdale & Sons (31) 1300gns

T & B Fort (63) 1300gns

Laga Farms (124) 1300gns

Farmstock Genetics (10) 1250gns

JK Goldie (5) 1200gns

H & M Dugdale & Son (32) 1200gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (94) 1200gns

Auctioneers: Harrison & Hetherington

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