Annual Show & Sale at Ruthin Farmers Mart

The sun was shining, and spirits were high all cumulating in plenty of trade across all sections today.  All averages were well up on the year with very high clearance rates.

Senior ewes set off well with two pens of three year olds realising £245/head.  First DN Bennett & Son, Meifod sold a pen of ten, then DW Ellis, Pentrefoelas sold a pen of eight all purchased by IRH Bebb, Oswestry, he then sold sold a couple of four year olds for £240/head to J Davies, St Asaph.  Mr Davies sold a pen of two year olds for £230/head to D Roberts, Ruthin.  With the section averaging at £181, this sees an increase of £44.20 on the year.

Shearling ewes saw pens selling from £180 to £270/head.  The average is £35.50 up on the year helped by the middle sheep holding their ground with many pens selling in the £190 to £210 range.  The top priced pen came from E & D Jones, Machynlleth when they sold for £270/head to Rhys Jones, Abergele.  Next the champion pen of ten from DW Ellis sold for £250/head to Rhys Lloyd, Dinbych.  The same buyer purchased pens from JK & H Goldie including the first prize pen of five at £250/head and another pen at £240/head.  JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal sold a pen for £240/head to Caldwell & Co, Near Holywell.  JK Goldie had the last pens of shearling ewes through the ring and sold for £230/head to Rhys Jones, Abergele.  JA & R Geldard & Sons sold a pen of 14 which included the third prize pen of ten for £225/head to Andrew Hartley, Hebden Bridge.

The ewe lamb average is £20 up, aided by the on-going high prices in the store and prime rings.  Stronger lambs ready to tup this year easily found homes at £130 plus.  The majority of lambs changed hands for £120 and above.  The highlight came from AW Davies with his pen selling at £152/head to DG & EM Clarke, Caerwys.  DW & CF Morris, St Clears sold their first prize pen for £150/head and WJ & DJ Williams also sold a pen at £150/head all going to the same buyer, DG & EM Clarke.  Twose Farms, Whitland sold for £142/head to Paul Wyn Jones, Wrexham.  C Price, Brecon had a pen at £140/head, R & G Davies, Talgarreg had £138/head.

The ram section saw 27 exchange hands for over 1000gns.  This helped generate an average of £1072.60, an increase of £318.50 on the year.  There was only one ram which failed to sell in the ring with many buyers still around the ring at the end.   E & D Jones, Machynlleth once again came to the fore with a Lluest Ram (00599/2011934) sired by Whitcastles Hot Stuff.  He sold for 5000gns to Hamish & Jim Goldie, Dumfries.  AW Davies, Pwllheli sold Bronallt Jeremy (00050/2006471) sired by Bronallt Hudson for 4800gns to Derek & Cindy Steen, Moffat.  JM & GC Adams made the journey from Cornwall worthwhile when selling Roseland Jupiter (00847/2000864) sired by Roseland Halbarad of Kernow for 3000gns to R & A Williams, Holywell.  Also at 3000gns was Southam Jackson (00306/2003167) sired by Boakley Fred, sold by Lionel Organ, bought by Twose Farms, Whitland.  E & D Jones sold Lluest (00599/2011941) for 2600gns to WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli.


Senior ewes to £240 av. £181 (+44.50)

Shearling ewes to £270 av. £202.50 (+35.50)

Ewe lambs to £152 av. £128 (+20)

Rams to 5000gns av. £1072.50 (+318.50)

Top Prices

Senior Ewes

DN Bennett & Son(3YO)  £245

DW Ellis (3YO) £245

AW Davies (4YO) £240

AW Davies (2YO) £230

GO & E Williams (2YO) £205

GO & E Williams (2YO) £200

GO & E Williams (3YO) £195

WJ & DJ Williams (2YO) £185

WJ & DJ Williams (4YO) £180

AW Davies (3YO) £180

Shearling Ewes

E & D Jones £270

DW Ellis £250

JK Goldie £250

H Goldie £240

JA & R Geldard & Sons £240

JK Goldie £230

JA & R Geldard & Sons £225

DN Bennett & Son £225

DT Jones £220

JA & R Geldard & Sons £220

HM Wells £210

DW Ellis £210

J Hamer £210

E & D Jones £210

Ewe Lambs

AW Davies £152

WJ & DJ Williams £150

DW & CF Morris £150

Twose Farms £142

C Price £140

R & G Davies £138

RG & ME Davies £135

P Knowles £135

JM & GC Adams £135

G & TA Williams £132


E & D Jones 5000gns (50)

AW Davies 4800gns (64)

JM & GC Adams 3000gns (17)

L Organ 3000gns (69)

E & D Jones 2600gns (49)

JA & R Geldard & Sons (59)

T & B Fort 1800gns (28)

H Goldie 1800gns (22)

G & A Fort 1600gns (87)

L Organ 1600gns (70)

L Organ 1600gns (71)

Show Results

Judges: Females – Dylan Vaughan, Tufton,

Rams – John Hamer, Oswestry

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. JK Goldie
  2. H Goldie
  3. J Hamer

Pen of 10 Shearling Ewes

  1. DW Ellis
  2. AW Davies
  3. JA & R Geldard & Sons

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. DW & CF Morris
  2. WJ & DJ Williams
  3. C & J Price

Champion Females – DW Ellis (Pen of 10 shearling ewes)

Reserve Females – DW & CF Morris (Pen of 5 ewe lambs)

Aged Ram

  1. AW Davies -68
  2. S Greig – 13

Shearling Ram

  1. T & B Fort – 28
  2. G & A Fort – 87
  3. H Goldie – 20

North Wales Club Member Shearling Ram

  1. AW Davies – 64
  2. RV & GE Jones – 4
  3. AW Hughes – 73

Champion Ram – T & B Fort – 28

Reserve Ram – G & A Fort - 87

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