Annual Show & Sale at Carlisle Mart

Plenty of excitement at Carlisle today with sheep selling well to breeders and commercial customers.  A noted high quality of sheep meant that buyers were not disappointed.

The shearling ewes broke the £200 average barrier to finish at £208.  Topping the section was the first prize pen from JK Goldie, Dumfries which sold for £300/head to I Valentine, Boosbeck.  L Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen sold the second prize pen for £270/head to Twose Farms Ltd, Whitland.  The same buyer bought their next pen at £250/head.  JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal sold two pens at £245/head, first five were purchased by Capper Farming, Johnstone, next a pen of fifteen went home with MJ Wells & Sons, Bakewell.  JK Goldie also had a pen away at £245/head to I Valentine.  42 pens sold for £200 plus.  Away from the breeders type sheep, many sheep were able to be purchased for £160 -£195 with several buyers looking to use as recipients.  A couple of smaller lots late in the ballot sold for £150-160.

There was the usual class for the individual shearling ewe which saw the first prize from H Goldie sell for £400 to C Long, Strabane.  The second prize from Farmstock Genetics, Selkirk sold for £300 to Jenkinson Ltd, Hartley.  L Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen sold the third prize for £350 to J Kingan, Troqueer.  The £350 is being donated to Parkinsons UK in memory of Linda’s father who passed away in February.

The ewe lamb buyers could be selective with better older/better grown lambs being picked out.  The top price came from the pen of Farmstock Genetics, Selkirk who sold their first prize pen for £260/head to the judge Bethan Vaughan, Tufton, Pembroke.  L Jenkinson sold next with five selling for £160/head to AW Watson, Lockerbie.  The first pen into the ring from GH Blakey, Morpeth sold for £145/head to AG Selway, Dorset.  At the same price Messrs Blakey sold a pen of ten to Bethan Vaughan.  Sellers could agree sales for the better grown lambs at £118/head plus.  £100-£110 saw a few change hands with some smaller/late born lambs changing hands in the £90’s. 

The ram sale saw a crowd at the ringside until the end with only 7 (of which most were at the end of the sale) out of the 119 forward failing to find new homes.  The highlight came from well known breeders E & D Jones, Machynlleth with Lluest (00599/2011824) sired by Whitcastles Hot Stuff selling to the judge Terry Fort, for his Forts Flock at Keighley.  Messrs Jones had the next best price at 3500gns when selling Lluest (00599/2012009) sired by Wraycastle Edwaldo to Sian Jones for her Pentre Flock near Wrexham.  The pen of Laga Farms, Orkney won the new class.  The pen highlight was Lagas (00971/2015310) sired by Brynowen Governor which had won 3rd prize in the show, he sold for 3200gns to G & A Fort, Keighley.  D Steen, Moffat sold Ballylinney Jacob (00809/2001277) sired by a homebred sired for 3200gns to JCB Farms Ltd, Staffordshire.  10 rams hit 2000gns plus with 38 rams securing 1000gns plus on the day.


925 Shearling ewes to £300 (£400 individual) av £208

273 Ewe lambs to £260 av £117

112 Rams to 9000gns av £1067

Top Prices

Shearling Ewes

JK Goldie £300

L Jenkinson £270

L Jenkinson £250

JA & R Geldard & Sons £245 (x2)

JK Goldie £245

JA & R Geldard & Sons £240

E & D Jones £240

H & M Dugdale & Son £235

H & M Dugdale & Son £232 (x2)

JK Goldie £232

GH Blakey £230

E & D Jones £230

Farmstock Genetics £228

H & M Dugdale & Son £228

Orchard Lleyn £228

H & M Dugdale & Son £225

Orchard Lleyn £225

JK Goldie £225

JA & R Geldard & Sons £222

C & A Kennedy £220

GH Blakey £220

Individual Shearling Ewe

H Goldie £400

L Jenkinson £350

Farmstock Genetics £300

Ewe Lambs

Farmstock Genetics £260

L Jenkinson £160

GH Blakey £145 (x2)

GH Blakey £128

J Morton £128

C & A Kennedy £128

J Morton £122

P Knowles £120

Farmstock Genetics £120

E Robinson £118 (x2)

J Morton £115


E & D Jones (114) 9000gns

E & D Jones (116) 3500gns

Laga Farms (69) 3200gns

D Steen (84) 3200gns

T & B Fort (96) 3000gns

H Goldie (79) 2800gns

GH Blakey (38) 2600gns

C Lewis (51) 2200gns

Laga Farms (71) 2200gns

K & D Whitelaw (113) 2200gns

G & A Fort (12) 1800gns

C Davidson (50) 1800gns

Farmstock Genetics (55) 1800gns

JK Goldie (61) 1800gns

C & A Kennedy (32) 1700gns

GH Blakey (37) 1600gns

M & R Cursiter (118) 1600gns

Laga Farms (74) 1500gns

Show Results

Judges: Females – Bethan Vaughan, Rams – Terry Fort

Shearling Ram

  1. E & D Jones (114)
  2. JK Goldie (61)
  3. Laga Farms (69)

Best Pen of Rams (Exhibited by Scottish & Borders Club Members)

  1. Laga Farms
  2. Farmstock Genetics
  3. GH Blakey

Pen of Five Shearling Ewes

  1. JK Goldie
  2. L Jenkinson
  3. C & A Kennedy

Pen of Five Ewe Lambs

  1. Farmstock Genetics
  2. E Robinson
  3. C & A Kennedy

Individual Shearling Ewe

  1. H Goldie
  2. Farmstock Genetics
  3. L Jenkinson

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