Ballymena Sale 2022

A good crowd with old faces returning to the ring but also noticeably new faces in attendance.  As well as a firm breeder’s sale there was a strong commercial feel especially on the rams.

The shearling ewes kicked off with the 2nd prize pen from B & E Latimer, Trillick selling for £265/head to S McAllister, Ballymena.  C & A Kennedy, Ballyclare sold the 1st prize pen and first into the ring at £240/head to the judge David Oliver, Dundalk.  A Bothwell, Magurebridge sold his top pen at £230/head to Sean O’Donoghue, Co. Kerry.  AF Cunninham , Hillbrough and J Coulter, Newtownard both had pens away at £220/head. 

There was a new trophy this year, The Killen Perpetual Cup for the best individual shearling ewe.  This was won by D Mullen, Coleraine which went on to sell for the top of £550 to judge David Oliver.  B & E Latimer’s 2nd prize ewe sold for £300 to D Neill, Downpatrick.  The same buyer bought the 3rd prize ewe from C & A Kennedy at £380.  A Bothwell presented the 4th prize ewe selling at £250 to WM & R Boyle, Larne.

With only three pens returning home there was a very good clearance and the average is up £2.50 on the year.  There were 14 pens hit the £200 plus mark.  Pens were regularly selling at £165-190 with odd pens of smaller sheep seeing £140-150.

R Millen, Coleraine topped the ewe lamb section when selling at £178/head to D Beattie, Co. Cavan.  He sold another pen at £165/head to C Richardson also from Co. Cavan. B & E Latimer sold the 1st prize pen at £165/head to D Beattie.  J Coulter saw £160/head for his 4th prize pen.

The average is £5 ahead of last year shown in the 100% clearance.  With a show of strong lambs many pens were changing hands at £110 plus.  There were some lighter lambs selling at £88-100. 

The rams saw a much-improved trade on previous years with a commercial bottom in the bids.  The 2nd prize ram from J & C Kennedy, Mileview Knightsbridge (01618/2103249) sired by a Sackville Hamilton ram sold for 2300gns to John McKavangh, Lurgan.  The 1st prize ram from B & E Latimer, Girgadis Kite (01694/2104670) sired by a Wraycastle ram sold for 1700gns to G Calwell, Ballymena.  Declan Mullen, sold his 4th prize ram, Mullamore King (02022/2103110) sired by a Lluest ram for 1600gns to D Beattie.  C & A Kennedy sold two in their pen for 1350gns including the 3rd prize ram.

With only five not sold there was a great clearance again with an average up £67 on the year.  Only odd rams sold under 400gns with a many changing hand 500-800gns.


Shearling ewes to £265 (£550) av. £186.50 (+2.50)

Ewe Lambs to £178 av. £120 (+5)

Rams to 2300gns av. £871 (+67)

Top Prices

Shearling Ewes (pens)

B & E Latimer £265

C & A Kennedy £240

A Bothwell £230

AF Cunningham £220

J Coulter £220

D Mullen £215

J Coulter £215

C & A Kennedy £210

A Bothwell £210

AF Cunningham £205

Shearling Ewes (Individual)

D Mullen £550

C & A Kennedy £380

B & E Latimer £300

A Bothwell £250

Ewe Lambs

R Millen £178

R Millen £165

B & E Latimer £165

J Coulter £160

A Bothwell £155

J & C Kennedy £145

A Bothwell £145

B & E Latimer £145

B & E Latimer £138

A Bothwell £135 (x2)

B & E Latimer £135

A McConville £132

CB Quigley £130

R Manson £125


J & C Kennedy (119) 2300gns

B & E Latimer (107) 1700gns

D Mullen (98) 1600gns

C & A Kennedy (127) 1350gns

C & A Kennedy (128) 1350gns

D Mullen (99) 1300gns

B & E Latimer (108) 950gns

R Millen (116) 950gns

J & C Kennedy (118) 850gns

C & A Kennedy (129) 850gns

B & E Latimer (109) 800gns

D Mullen (100) 700gns

A McConvile (111) 650gns

CB Quigley (101) 550gns

G Calwell (105) 550gns

R Millen (117) 550gns

Pre-Sale Show

Judge: David Oliver, Co. Louth

Shearling Ram (Crytalyx Cup)

1. B & E Latimer (107)

2. Mrs. J. & Miss. C. Kennedy (119)

3. C & A Kennedy (128)

4. D. Mullan (98)

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes (NI Lleyn Breeders Cup)

1. C & A Kennedy

2. B & E Latimer

3. A.F. Cunningham

4. D. Mullan

Pen of 5 Lambs

1. B & E Latimer

2. R. Millen

3. G. Calwell

4. J. Coulter

Individual Shearling Ewe (The Killen Perpetual Cup)

1. D. Mullan

2. B & E Latimer

3. C & A Kennedy

4. A. Bothwell

PHOTOS: Kindly supplied by Jayne Kennedy

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