Carlisle Sale 2022

The autumn feel of the day brought an upbeat trade.  Shearling ewes seeing a favoured trade for most of the sale and rams seeing the best trade of the day.

There was one lot of two-year-olds from S & J Corcoran, Newton Stewart which sold for £150/head to S Watson, Workington.

The shearling ewe section was topped twice at £230/head.  H Goldie, Ruthwell sold the 1st prize pen of five to JA Wood & Sons, Shrewsbury.  LJ Steen, Moffat sold a pen of 12 to D Bell & Sons.  Ian Walling, Selkirk sold the 2nd prize pen at £220/head to L Scanlon, Biggar.  There were three pens realise £210/head.  LJ Steen sold to JA Woods & Son.  L Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen sold to WGL Soulsby & Sons, Penrith.  JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal sold to RN Cranstoun & Son, Dumfries.

The first two thirds of the sale saw the best of the trade with £200 plus easily found for the best ewes.  Pens further into the runs were changing hands £170-£190.  There were some smaller ewes on offer with bidders taking home at £140/head plus.

L Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen topped the ewe lambs with the 1st prize pen away at £150/head to Twose Farms, Whitland.  J Morton, Penrith was next with a pen of ten at £135/head to D & MA Wilson, Workington.  The same buyer took home the 3rd prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli at £130/head.  I Walling & Twose Farms both had pens sold at £125/head.

Stronger lambs were picked out and were able to realise £110 - £130.  Smaller lambs saw less demand with a handful of pens changing hands at £85-100/head.

T & B Fort, Keighley had the highlight in the rams with Fort King (01656/2125708) sired by Netherton Injector selling for 6000gns to H Goldie, Ruthwell.  P Knowles, Kendal sold Cragg Kano (00886/2106369) sired by a homebred ram bred from a Wraycastle ram.  Having stood 3rd in the show earlier he went on to sell for 5500gns to Twose Farms & HM Wells, South Wales.  M & R Cursiter, Orkney sold a Lagas Ram (00971/2115780) sired by Brynowen Governor for 4500gns to H Goldie, Ruthwell.  E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold a Lluest Ram (00599/2113019) sired by Brightonhouse Gold Card that had stood 2nd in the show for 3500gns to C & A Kennedy, Ballyclare.  DJ Steen, Moffat sold Ballylinney Knight (00809/2101669) sired by a Lluest ram for 3000gns to Laga Farms, Orkney.

The rams saw no rams passed in the first 111 through the ring.  500gns plus seemed easily achieved with 38 reaching 1000gns plus. 


Shearling ewes to £230 (£260 individual) av. £175

Ewe Lambs to £150 av. £110

Senior Ewes to £150 av. £150

Rams to 6000gns av. £930

Top Prices

Senior Ewes

S & J Corcoran (2yo) £150

Shearling Ewes

LJ Steen £230

H Goldie £230

I Walling £220

LJ Steen £210

L Jenkinson £210

JA & R Geldard & Sons £210

LJ Steen £205

DJ Steen £205

L Jenkinson £205 (x2)

K Kingan £205

B Latimer £200

A Watson £200 (x2)

DJ Steen £200

H & M Dugdale & Son £200

JM & RM Haston £200 (x2)

L Jenkinson £200 (x2)

JA & R Geldard & Sons £200 (x2)

H Goldie £200

Orchard Lleyn £200

Individual Shearling Ewe

C & A Kennedy £260

H Goldie £235

Ewe Lambs

L Jenkinson £150

J Morton £135

WJ & DJ Williams £130

I Walling £125

Twose Farms £125

C Nicholson £120

GH Blakey £120

Farmstock Genetics £120

C & A Kennedy £120

GH Blakey £115

P Knowles £115

WJ & DJ Williams £115

I Walling £110

G & A Fort £110

GH Blakey £110


T & B Fort (9) 6000gns

P Knowles (110) 5500gns

M & R Cursiter Ltd (29) 4500gns

E & D Jones (104) 3500gns

DJ Steen (62) 3000gns

G & A Fort (54) 2500gns

G & A fort (57) 2200gns

H & M Dugdale & Son (66) 2200gns

Twose Farms Ltd (50) 2000gns

DJ Steen (65) 2000gns

GH Blakey (38) 1800gns

J & C Kennedy (44) 1800gns

P Knowles (112) 1700gns

T & B Fort (8) 1600gns

Laga Farms (144) 1500gns

C & A Kennedy (14) 1400gns

GH Blakey (40) 1400gns

C Davidson (109) 1400gns

I Walling (78) 1300gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (99) 1300gns

LJ Steen (125) 1300gns

L Organ (3) 1200gns

H Goldie (18) 1200gns

GH Blakey (39) 1200gns

Pre Show Results


Rams – C Price, Brecon

Females, AW Davies, Pwllheli

Pen of Five Shearling Ewes

  1. H Goldie
  2. I Walling
  3. L Jenkinson

Pen of Five Ewe Lambs

  1. L Jenkinson
  2. GH Blakey
  3. WJ & DJ Williams

Individual Shearling Ewe

  1. C & A Kennedy
  2. H Goldie
  3. JK Goldie

Champion Females (Barclays Bank Trophy) – C & A Kennedy (Individual ewe)

Shearling Ram

  1. G & A Fort (54)
  2. E & D Jones (104)
  3. P Knowles (110)

Champion Ram (Barclays Bank Trophy) – G & A Fort (54)

Best Pen of Tups Shown by S & B Club Member

  1. G & A Fort
  2. P Knowles
  3. JA & R Geldard & Sons

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