Ruthin Sale 2022

We were welcomed with enthusiasm by the new young team at Ruthin.  The usual friendly and energetic atmosphere continues with members enjoying their annual visit to North Wales.

It was the champions of both sections which went forward to top the sale followed by many noted prices at buyers selected quality breeding.

The senior ewes kicked the day off with DN Bennett & Sons, Meifod selling three year olds for £180/head and £170/head to HG Thomas, Llandeilo and I Roberts, Pwllheli respectively.  D & B Vaughan, Tufton sold their pen of three year olds for £155/head to TM Jones, Dinbych.

The shearling ewes were topped by the champion pen from H Goldie, Ruthwell.  At £250/head they sold to MJ Woolley & Son, Flintshire.  From the same home another pen sold at £230/head to EL Jones, Abergele.  JK Goldie sold his top pen at £240/head to J Danforth, Tadcaster.  E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold their pen for £225/head to EY Davies & Son, Denbigh.  DW Ellis, Pentrefoelas sold the first prize pen of ten for £220/head also to EY Davies & Son.

Shearlings ewes saw a firm trade with over twenty pens hitting £200 plus as breeding and style was selected.  There was a strong following taking sheep away at £180-195 although this did ease towards the last half hour of the section once trailers were beginning to be filled. 

The ewe lambs were topped by a pen from AW Davies, Pwllheli who sold a strong pen at £185/head to Next Generation Member A James, Lalndysul.  WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold their first prize pen at £170/head to Rhys Jones, Ynys Mon.  IO & AL Jones sold a pen at £125/head also to Rhys Jones with another pen at £120/head to Dutton & Dooley, Denbigh.

There was a selective trade for lambs with stronger tupping type lambs seeing more demand.  Away from the top end, lambs were changing hands from £105 to £120.

The day saw the end of an era for DW & CF Morris, St Clears as they dispersed their Penywern Flock.  A well-known flock with both success in the sale and show ring proved popular with the buyers.  The first pen of three-year-olds sold for £215/head to breeders RV & GE Jones, Wrexham.  A stylish pen of two-year-olds realised Messrs Morris’s top price at £230/head when bought by E & D Jones.   Their shearling ewes topped at £205/head.  The ewe lambs which Messrs Morris are renowned for turning out at the sales saw a top of £150/head to David Woodhouse, Ynys Mon. Another pen saw £140/head to C Stewart, St Clears.  A further two pens changed hands at £130/head. 

There were two stock rams in the dispersal.  Penywern Jim a two year old sired by Rowelen Francis sold for 600gns.  Penywern Iori a three year old by a Lluest ram sold for 500gns.  The Society wishes Dai & Cynthia well with their next adventures.

In the rams it was again the Champion that came into the spotlight.  DT Jones, Pwllheli sold Celt Ken (02339/2102147) sired by a Lluest ram for 4200gns to breeders JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal.  Mr Jones sold his next ram Celt Kelvin (02339/2102174) by the same sire for 3600gns to Mr & Mrs T Rees, Sennybridge.  Lionel Organ, Llandysul sold Southam Kinsman (00306/2103288) sired by a Ballylinney ram for 3800gns to the telephone bid of C & A Kenndy, Ballyclare.  JA & R Geldard & Sons sold a Wraycastle Ram (00621/2120581) sired by a Ballylinney ram for 2400gns to D & B Vaughan, Tufton.  Messrs Geldard sold another Wraycastle Ram (00621/1902847) by Southam Investment for 1700gns to RJ Irwin, Nympton.  E & D Jones sold a Lluest Ram (00599/2113160) by Bronallt Gomer for 1700gns to W & HI Watson, Wigton.  G & A Fort, Keighley sold Brightonhouse Kinsman (01299/2125778) sired by Fearn Harry for 1700gns to J Danforth, Tadcaster.

Rams saw a strong trade for breeders rams with the later part of the sale seeing many of the leading prices.  Commercial rams were seeing 400-750gns.


Senior ewes to £230 av. £133

Shearling Ewes to £250 av. £177

Ewe Lambs to £185 av. £111

Rams to 4200gns av. £830

 Top Prices

Senior Ewes

DW & CF Morris (2YO) £230

DW & CF Morris (3YO) £215

DN Bennett & Son (3YO) £180

DW & CF Morris (2YO) £175

DN Bennett & Son (3YO) £170

AW Davies (3YO) £150

D & B Vaughan (3YO) £155

WJ & DJ Williams (3YO) £140

WJ & DJ Williams (3YO) £135

AW Hughes (3YO) £130

AW Davies (4YO) £130

Shearling Ewes

H Goldie £250

JK Goldie £240

H Goldie £230

E & D Jones £225

DW Ellis £220

HM Wells £215 (x2)

DW Ellis £215

J Hamer £215

DT Jones £210

AW Davies £210

Ewe Lambs

AW Davies £185

WJ & DJ Williams £170

DW & CF Morris £150

DW & CF Morris £140

DW & CF Morris £130 (x2)

IO & A Jones £125

IO & A Jones £120

R & G Jones £120

C Stewart £115


DT Jones (42)4200gns

L Organ (92) 3800gns

DT Jones (43) 3600gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (102) 2500gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (103) 1700gns

E & D Jones (94) 1700gns

G & A Fort (57) 1700gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (105) 1300gns

L Organ (93) 1300gns

WJ & DJ Williams (37) 1150gns

 Pre-Sale Show


Colin Price – Females, Alun Bennett – Rams

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. H Goldie
  2. DT Jones
  3. AW Davies

Pen of 10 Shearling Ewes

  1. DW Ellis
  2. AW Davies
  3. IO & A Jones

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. WJ & DJ Williams
  2. IO & A Jones
  3. Twose Farms

 Champion Females – H Goldie (5 shearling ewes)

Reserve Females – DW Ellis (10 shearling ewes)

Aged Ram

  1. DW Ellis

Shearling Ram (55)

  1. DT Jones (42)
  2. JA & R Geldard & Sons (102)
  3. WJ & DJ Williams (37)

North Wales Shearling Ram

  1. AW Davies (73)
  2. J Hamer (25)
  3. AW Hughes (7)

Champion Ram – DT Jones (42)

Reserve Ram – AW Davies (73)

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