Stirling Sale 2022

Stirling Mart was busy place today with several rings in operation.  It meant that there were plenty of people around the pens and ring to view the sheep. 

Laga Farms from Orkney topped the female section when selling a pen of twenty shearling ewes for £232/head to GD Pate & Son, Humbie.  The same buyer bought another pen of twenty from Laga at £205/head.  Johnston & Son, Falkirk sold a pen of five strong sheep for £218/head to D Tucker, Killearn.  C, C & C Crawford, Peterhead sold their second prize pen at £200/head to D Johnston, Fraserburgh.  The third prize pen from R & S Turnbull, Montrose sold at £185/head to Messrs Henderson, Stirling. 

Stronger sheep were selected on the day with these types selling well.  Smaller sheep found it harder to find new home.  The average is £4 up on the year.

Ewe Lambs saw 100% clearance with all pens sold.  The champion pen from regulars Farmstock Genetic, Selkirk topped at £132/head when bought by D Johnston, Fraserburgh.  Farmstock sold another pen away at £100/head to Alastair Findlay, Falkirk.  The second prize pen from R & S Turnbull sold for £122/head to D Johnston.

Two rams reached 1000gns, both purchased by James Gibb, Galston.  First Farmstock Genetics sold Whitlaw Kookaburra (00983/2117033) sired by a Christine Lewis ram.  Next M & R Cursiter Ltd, Orkney sold the second prize ram, a Lagas bred Ram (00971/2115596) sired by Plasucha Elroy.  From the Laga Farms pen a Lagas Ram (00971/2115851) also by Elroy which had stood 1st in the show sold for 800gns to J Gibb.  The third prize ram Haywood Knight Rider (01952/2100273) from C, C & C Crawford sold for 680gns.

Buyers were able to be selective and there were bidders around the ring until the end.


Aged ewes to £132

Shearling ewes to £232 av. £185

Ewe Lambs to £132 av. £100

Rams to 1000gns av. £577

Top Prices

Aged Ewes

R Johnson & Sons (2YO) £132

Shearling Ewes

Laga Farms £232

R Johnston & Sons £218

Laga Farms £205

C, C & C Crawford £200

JK Goldie £200

C Davidson £190

C,C & C Crawford £185

R & S Turnbull £185

R Johnston & Sons £185

Ewe Lambs

Farmstock Genetics £132

R & S Turnbull £122

Farmstock genetics £100


Farmstock Genetics (106) 1000gns

M & R Cursiter Ltd (118) 1000gns

Laga Farms (107) 800gns

Laga Farms (112) 700gns

M & R Cursiter (120) 700gns

JK Goldie (133) 700gns

C,C & C Crawford (121) 680gns

Show Results

Judge: Alister Watson, Dumfries

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. JK Goldie
  2. C,C & C Crawford
  3. R & S Turnbull

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. Farmstock Genetics
  2. R & S Turnbull

Champion Pen of Females – Farmstock Genetics (Ewe Lambs)

Shearling Ram

  1. Laga Farms (107
  2. M & R Cursiter Ltd (118)
  3. C,C & C Crawford (121)

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