Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020

Benchmarking 2020 Results

Information collected for the flock year 2019.  16 individual flocks participated with the information and averagesBenchmarking Graph.jpg available to view and compare with your own flocks below:

Sheet 1 - Farm & Flock Description

Sheet 2 - Tupping Information

Sheet 3 - Scanning & Lambing

Sheet 4 - Weaning & Selling

Let us know your thoughts on the above data.  How does it compare with yours at home?  Drop an email to promotions@lleynsheep.com

Note: The information has been supplied anonymously by breeders.  Due to misinterpretation, some answers given did not correctly answer the question (e.g. actual numbers instead of percentages etc) hence some figures have been adjusted using the original information supplied.  The information is for guidance only.  The Lleyn Sheep Society accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the data.

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