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Update to Royal Welsh Show

Entry Process 2015

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society's Livestock Committee have contacted the Society to inform that for 2015 they are changing the way in which exhibitors enter sheep at the Show. [Read More]

Lleyn in Southern Ireland


When Seamus was asked why he thought the Lleyn worked so well for him, he answered "They lamb easily , they produce more lambs than the other hill breeds, they are very docile and placid. They are very good on their feet and seem to be very resistant to worms. In other words they do exactly as it say on the tin!!" [More]

Three pronged solution to maximising output from reduced inputs

Pure Lleyns + Hampshire Down cross lambs + forage management


“Since we decided to swap our crossbred ewes for a closed flock of pure Lleyns in the late 1990s we’ve been able to virtually double stocking rate to six ewes per acre and flushing is no longer required. The number of pure Lleyn lambs reared from ewes put to the ram has increased by 20% to 185% in 2013, and just 3.5% of the flock scanned barren,” Matt explains. “We’ve a new income stream selling pure performance recorded shearling Lleyn ewes to commercial producers, whilst our Hampshire Down cross lambs are finishing off grazed grass at an average 20 weeks to 19kg target weight and grading within the U, R specification.” [More]

Lleyn at its best in a Commercial System

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For me the Lleyn ewe is the most efficient and economical sheep I have ever come across, she is prolific and produces the right sort of lamb for today's market and that will do for me. [More]

The 2015 Society Handbook is out now

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All members should receive their personal copy in the post in the next week.  

If you have not received your copy please contact the Promotions Officer.

Special Tag Offer available to members of the Lleyn Sheep Society

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NSA Welsh Event 2015

Invites entries for their new sale section

NSA Welsh Sheep 2015 are organising a pair of Hogg/yearling ewe show and sale at the event.

They are inviting entries from all breeders of all breeds.

If you are interested in entering sheep into this sale, please see links to details below: 

Click [Here] to see the rules

Click [Here] to download an entry form

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The 2015 PSGHS News (Premium Sheep and Goat Health Scheme) is now out.  

Including news about MVA, CLA, EAE and Scrapie Genotyping.

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NSA urges members to remember that new rules for sheep identification come in on Thursday 1st January 2015. The change that affects sheep keepers in all parts of the UK is that ewes from the historic flock (those tagged before 2010) will need to be individually listed on a movement record from 1st January unless they are moving directly to an abattoir or via a red market. This is not a requirement to retag older ewes and rams with full EID, but many producers may make that decision if it makes it easier for them to move older animals either between farms or via markets.  But please note some auction markets (including all markets in Scotland) are asking for animals in the historic flock to carry full EID as a condition of sale. If you are not planning to EID tag older animals anyway, please check with your auctioneer what they require for their sales

Also from 1st January 2015, sheep keepers in England are no longer permitted to use non-EID tags for lambs and must use a single EID slaughter tag in lambs not being retained for breeding. Lambs born before 1st January are still permitted to carry a non-EID tag and there is no requirement to retag these animals. Use of the non-EID slaughter tag is still permitted in Wales until January 1st 2016, but NSA urges sheep keepers in Wales to be very careful about the tagging decisions they make in 2015. Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says: “It is has always been important to use the non-EID slaughter tag in prime lambs only and not in store lambs, but this will be even more important for Welsh farmers in 2015, as they will be the only nation still using the non-EID slaughter tag and will reduce their selling options if they use plastic tags in lambs that may be bought for further finishing.”