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Note - when ordering your tags

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Breeders, please do not forget when ordering your 2016 Ewe Lamb tags.

To meet Society requirements, you must include your Society flock number and year of birth (16) on the secondary tags.

The style of tag shown is for example only.  You may use the style of tag which best suits your system.

Breeding Project

Are you a member of the Society, based in England with 100 or more ewes?

Are you interested in the number of twin lambs your flock produces?

If so please click [Here] for more information on a project that you maybe interested in taking part in?

2016 Society Sale Dates Announced


The Sale dates have now been confirmed for the autumn of 2016.  See the list [Here]

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Are you participating the the new performance recording scheme with the Society - Lleyn Gold?

If so have you sent your weight ratio results in?

Are you having problems getting the data to produce the figures?  Maybe you have got software issues?  Is so please do contact Heather.  You are not the only one experiencing problems, we are here to help.

Heather 079666 99930 or email [Here]

A basic performance recording scheme to help improve flock efficiency.  Available free of charge to all members of the Lleyn Sheep Society

PhD studentship - Genome-wide analysis of maternal ability in the Lleyn sheep

Project Description: This project will be carried out at Cardiff University (CU) using cutting edge genomics tools to identify the genetic basis of key valuable production characteristics of the Lleyn breed, especially maternal ability and prolificacy.

This project will provide excellent training in modern agricultural technology, including genomics, statistical analysis and experimental design. It will be carried out in close collaboration between Cardiff University and the Lleyn Sheep Society, including Signet performance recorded flocks, and will include substantial on-farm research.

Eligibility: applicants must be UK/EU citizen and have a work or study address in West Wales and the Valleys.

Start Date: 1st October 2016

Funding: the PhD project is funded by KESS II who will cover student stipend (RCUK rates) plus £3.5K/year for consumables, training, travel and equipment costs. The school will cover fees.

To register your interest, please email your contact details to promotions@lleynsheep.com, please put PhD studentship in the title.


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 Click [Here] to find out more




  • Lleyn Sheep Society wins 2nd prize in the Breed Society Stand Competition here at Melton Mowbray. https://t.co/WYJRjN99EA via @lleynsheep
  • The Lleyn Sheep Society Stand is in place complete with Lleyn finishing lambs from GR & VM Matravers. Come along... https://t.co/XMUKQmLKTd via @lleynsheep
  • Don't forget, the Lleyn Sheep Society stand is heading to Melton Mowbray for the NSA Winter Fair tomorrow (5th... https://t.co/mDCTVxyUOv via @lleynsheep
NSA Affliliation