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" A Good Honest Commercial Ewe"

Colin & Julie Price

‚ÄúI would describe the Lleyn as a good honest commercial ewe.¬† She lasts well and is hardy.¬† She has better prolificacy figures than some others breeds whilst a fantastic mothering ability‚ÄĚ Colin.

Read how this Brecon based family farm has made the move over to Lleyn, click [Here] for more

Producing What the Market Wants

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Kris first came across the Lleyn when he started working at Doe Hill.¬† ‚ÄúI had never worked with Lleyn before but I have found them easy to work with‚ÄĚ says Kris. ¬†Kris found that the Lleyn works well alongside the cattle.¬† When the cattle are housed during the winter, the Lleyn can be moved on to their ground and can go through most of the winter without supplementary feeding.¬† He has found that the lambs appear to have a higher resistance to worms hence they require less dosing than some of the other breeds he has worked with. ¬†Click [Here] to read more

Show Season 2017 is Here!

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See the results and photos from Balmoral Show [Here]

The 2017 Handbook is out Now

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Roundworm resistance initiative to help sheep breeders

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Lleyn sheep producers will be able to select animals for their resistance to roundworm, based on an estimated breeding value (EBV).  Read [More] 

AHDB Beef & Lamb Better Returns Programme Improved Flock Award for Lleyn sheep

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The 2017 winner of the AHDB Beef & Lamb Better Returns Programme Improved Flock Award for Lleyn sheep is the Thistleyhaugh flock owned by the Nelless family, at Thistleyhaugh Farm, Northumberland. This award is presented to the English Signet performance recorded flock that makes the greatest improvement in the breeding potential of the lamb crop during the previous year.  Read more [Here]

Lleyn Gold Logo

Are you participating the the new performance recording scheme with the Society - Lleyn Gold?

1. Don't forget to weigh your lambs at eight week old.

Heather 079666 99930 or email [Here]


A basic performance recording scheme to help improve flock efficiency.  Available free of charge to all members of the Lleyn Sheep Society




2017 Photo Competition Sponsor


NSA Affliliation



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