Three pronged solution to maximising output from reduced inputs

Pure Lleyns + Hampshire Down cross lambs + forage management


“Since we decided to swap our crossbred ewes for a closed flock of pure Lleyns in the late 1990s we’ve been able to virtually double stocking rate to six ewes per acre and flushing is no longer required. The number of pure Lleyn lambs reared from ewes put to the ram has increased by 20% to 185% in 2013, and just 3.5% of the flock scanned barren,” Matt explains. “We’ve a new income stream selling pure performance recorded shearling Lleyn ewes to commercial producers, whilst our Hampshire Down cross lambs are finishing off grazed grass at an average 20 weeks to 19kg target weight and grading within the U, R specification.” [More]

Lleyn at its best in a Commercial System

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For me the Lleyn ewe is the most efficient and economical sheep I have ever come across, she is prolific and produces the right sort of lamb for today's market and that will do for me. [More]

AGM Weekend - this coming weekend


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Overall the 2014 Sale Season has been Successful for the Lleyn

Carlisle 2014 - Top Priced Ram from Hamish Goldie lot 44 8000gns bought bt G & A Fort.jpgWelshpool 2014 - Top priced females from DN Bennett & Son £295.jpg

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