Lleyn with a commercial focus

in North Devon

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Robin and Emma were really delighted with the outstanding performance and maternal attributes that their Lleyn had demonstrated in their first year - 'their ease of management, their maternal qualities and their ability to make use of the poorer permanent pastures on the farm'. Therefore, although they no longer wanted to use the Lleyn ewes as embryo recipients, the Irwins made the decision to start up a larger commercial enterprise whilst retaining the MVA status of the farm.  Read more [Here]

Society Encourages Breeders

to Record Ewe Performance

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See pages 95 - 100 in the 2015 Handbook

or see webpage [Here]

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Student Looking for help with Research

I am a current PhD student at the University of Liverpool investigating Schmallenberg virus in sheep. This autumn I am planning a large study in the southern most counties of England (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent) to determine if Schmallenberg virus is still circulating. This involves taking blood samples from over 130 farms (12 sheep per farm).  I am looking to recruit interested sheep farmers to the study.

See further information [Here]

If you are able to help, please see contact details below: 

Jessica Stokes BSc MSc MRes 

PhD Student (Epidemiology)

University of Liverpool

to Email Click [Here]

Royal Welsh Show Results

The Gwilym Williams Perpetual Trophy is taken outside Wales for the first time

The Geldard Family from Kendal sweep the board at the Royal Welsh

RWS 2015 - Selwyn Williams presents Charles & John Geldard with the points trophy.jpg

See the full report and photos [Here]

Fifteen Year Old Stanley Hibbert takes the championship at the Great Yorkshire

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HRH Prince Charles visits the Lleyn in the show ring at Harrogate

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Click [Here] to see the full list of results.

The 2015 National Lleyn Sheep Competition

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Important Dates to Note

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2015 Sale Dates

2015 Open Days