Celebrating 50 Years of the Lleyn Sheep Society in 2020

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Lleyn is Self Sufficient


He likes to finish as many as possible off grass and believes Lleyn lambs are under appreciated in this respect. Lleyn lambs consistently meet the market spec killing out between 19-22 kgs without going over fat but most importantly finishing of grass. Read more [HERE]

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Members may be aware of the active Defra and Welsh Government consultation on ‘Improvements to animal welfare in transport’ with responses required by 28th January. A similar consultation is being conducted by Scottish Government although the closing date here is 26th February. Here are some questions which may be of greatest interest and relevance:

  1. Banning of live exports for slaughter/fattening (Q5-9)
  2. Maximum Journey Times (Q10)
  3. Temperature ranges (Q19)
  4. Headroom (Q27)

It has been confirmed that journeys of less than 65km are exempt from the proposals, but they apply to all journeys in excess of 65km, including pedigree sales and shows. It is worth noting that the data used to advise these proposed legislation changes stems from limited scientific evidence that is incomplete. Joint industry efforts are currently being made to extend the consultation deadline to allow industry to work with Defra to carry out vital impact assessments. 
The current deadline is Thursday 28th January, so please complete your response soon at: https://consult.defra.gov.uk/transforming-farm-animal-health-and-welfare-team/improvements-to-animal-welfare-in-transport/


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