Sales - how to buy lleyn sheep

Society Sales

There are approximately 10 Society Sales a year held around the UK and Ireland.  

Lleyn Sheep Society Sale Dates and  Sale catalogues request can be found hear when they become available for 2024


Why buy at Society sales?

You know what you are getting:

  • Only registered true to type Lleyn sheep can be sold at these sales
  • All registered rams have passed the society ram inspection and meet the breed requirements

You have the choice:

  • Breeders come together in one place allowing you to compare the sheep on offer
  • The price is fair as it is market value on the day set by the live auction
  • The catalogue gives details of the sheep and breeders. It shows the health status, vaccination etc. enabling you to select high health status stock if required.
  • The catalogue gives MA Accreditation, Scrapie Monitored details, EAE Accreditation and Organic status

MVA is taken seriously:

  • BE SAFE BUY MVA Stock to protect your flock.  The majority of stock sold through the Society sales is Maedi Visna Accredited hence giving you piece of mind.
  • If you are looking to run a commercial flock alongside an MVA pedigree flock of any breed.  MVA Lleyn will help you do this.
  • MVA Lleyn are ideal for recipients for those pedigree sheep breeders doing embryo work with any breed.

On-line Adverts

Members of the society are able to use the on-line sales page to advertise their stock for sale.  

You can sell your by advertising them on this website see details [HERE]

You can also advertise 'Sheep Wanted' see details [HERE]

Breeders Lists

Members contact details can be seen [HERE]

Breeders Adverts

Breeders generate adverts to promote their flocks. These adverts can be found [HERE]