The Lleyn Sheep Society has always had a very positive attitude towards MV Accreditation and this has resulted in the great majority of Lleyn sheep sold at Society Sales being from Accredited flocks.

SRUC Veterinary Services works in partnership with farmers, vets and breed societies throughout the UK to control economically important infectious diseases in sheep and goats

ABOUT THE SCHEME - The Scheme is open nationally (UK) to flock masters who undertake to abide by the rules and conditions of membership. MV accredited sheep must be kept separately from non-accredited sheep at all times. Membership is ultimately at the discretion of SRUC Veterinary Services.


A flock can become MV accredited when it:

  • Passes two qualifying blood tests between 6 and 12 months apart
  • Has certification from a vet that the holding can comply with scheme rules and conditions
  • Once MV accredited, a proportion of the flock is blood tested one year later and then every two years and the member is issued with certificates of status for selling or moving scheme sheep. After being accredited for 3 years, flocks that do not have non-accredited sheep can test at 3 year intervals. Shows and sales are licensed to provide space for MV accredited sheep.

For more information contact: SRUC Premium Sheep and Goat Health Schemes


Tel:  01835 822456  Email: PSGHS@SRUC.AC.UK