Aims of the lleyn sheep society

Aims of the Society:

For the benefit of Society members and the long term future of the breed, the aims of the Lleyn Sheep Society are:

  • to maintain and improve the excellent health status, performance and efficiency of the medium sized Lleyn ewe to suit today’s market
  • to be the Gold Standard source of pedigree Lleyn sheep
  • and continuously improve and optimise our offering to commercial sheep producers.

To achieve this aim, The Society set up two Committees that report directly (and make recommendations) to the Society Council.

Breed Development Committee - Actions:

  • Monitor the performance of Lleyn sheep over time, especially in terms of health, productivity and efficiency to ensure that the breed is always moving in the right direction.
  • Assess our offering compared with competitor breeds.
  • Recommend (where appropriate) actions that will make a significant difference to our offering (such as extending ram inspections to generate and expand our DNA toolkit).

Promotions Committee - Actions:

  • Develop an evolving multi-year Marketing Strategy for the Society.
  • Identify ways to sustain and improve our Network of Society Sales (August, September, October) around the UK and Republic of Ireland.
  • Recommend new routes to market that complement our physical Sales.
  • Implement each year an agreed Promotions Action Plan to take our message to our customer base.