Breed Characteristics

Lleyn Sheep Society Breed Characteristics

The Ideal Lleyn

Revised May 2016, and supersedes all previous details of the Lleyn breed


HEAD - Distinctive and feminine; warm white in colour; wide forehead; good length from eye to nose, straight to slightly dished and narrowing towards the nose; bright lively eyes; black nose.


EARS - Medium size and thickness and black spots desirable; base preferably starting from the wool.


NECK - Average length, well set on shoulders


BREAST - Wide and well forward


SHOULDER - Well set.


RIB - Long and well arched.


BACK - Good length


LOIN - Broad; well joined to rump, well set tail


LEGS - Average length, with no wool lower than the hock. Colour warm white.


BONE - Flat.


TAIL - The tail should be docked according to current legal practice.


WOOL - Containing no kemp, of good length, dense and of high quality. Excessive peeling/stripping of wool is discouraged within the breed


RAMS - Hornless.


The aim of the Lleyn Sheep Society is to maintain the Lleyn sheep as a medium sized ewe with highly respected maternal traits which suit today’s commercial sheep producer