Pure BRED Lleyn Virtual Experience

If the Lleyn ewe is bred pure (with a Lleyn ram) this gives you:

  • a consistent lamb crop
  • a supply of flock replacements, enabling you to keep a closed flock and reducing your disease risk
  • pure-bred Lleyn ewe lambs that can be sold at Lleyn Sheep Society Sales and elsewhere

Here we take a look at how the Lleyn ewe bred pure is very adaptable to different systems and locations, and what she can produce.

Alan McDonald Flock 1852, pure-bred Lleyn, Southern Ireland

Alan runs an entirely pure-bred Lleyn flock. They are lambed indoors from mid to the end of February. When ewes and lambs are turned to grass they receive no concentrate feeding, and the flock is recorded through Sheep Ireland. Alan's aim is to rear his own replacements, as well as breeding females and rams for society sales.

Reuben Saunders, Flock 2309, registered pure-bred Lleyn, Wiltshire

Reuben lambs 500 Lleyn ewes outside in Wiltshire and follows a rotational grazing system. Regular weighing and performance are monitored, with any under performing ewes being culled. Ram lambs are sold as prime lambs and females are sold for breeding.

James & Paul Barrow Flock 726, pure-bred Lleyn, Cumbria

James and Paul run a flock of 200 Lleyn ewes, which are all bred pure in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. They also run a herd of 190 Holsteins, with the sheep utilising the poorer grazing ground. Lambs are sold dead weight with some surplus females sold for breeding.

David Beattie, Flock 2419, pure-bred Lleyn, Southern Ireland

David lambs his Lleyn ewes in March which are all put to a pedigree Lleyn ram. He achieves 1.8 lambs per ewe at weaned time. Ram lambs are finished off grass, whilst surplus females are sold for breeding.

Seamus Killen Flock 1621, pure-bred Lleyn, Northern Ireland

Singles and triplet-bearing ewes are lambed indoors, whilst twins are lambed outdoors. The farm acreage covers the shores of Carlingford Lough all the way to the foot of the Mourne Mountains. The ewes are mostly grass fed with the exception of meal being fed to the in-lamb ewes six weeks prior to lambing.

Hugh Gillan Flock 1767, pure-bred Lleyn, Scotland

Hugh runs a pure-bred flock alongside his arable farming enterprise near Fife, Scotland. The flock is organic and fluke/worm monitored.

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