Ram Registration


Lleyn Rams have two basic purposes:

  • Use on pedigree Lleyn females to produce pure-bred stock to be retained for breeding or to be sold to other pedigree breeders.
  • Use on non-Lleyn females to introduce some Lleyn character, usually enhanced maternal qualities such as prolificacy, but also ease of lambing and milkiness, to flocks that have, for example, too high a terminal breed character.

Unusually, and very positively, pedigree Lleyn Rams are inspected and registered before use, with a Society appointed Ram Inspector covering venues across the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, in June-August each year.

This rigorous inspection means that buyers of pedigree Lleyn rams (shearling and older) can have a high degree of confidence in them, and can expect them to sire quality stock. Inspected rams are tagged so that it is clear that they are passed for life.

As a further quality measure, if a breeder wants to use a ram lamb, it has to be inspected, again by the Society Ram Inspector, and has to be re-inspected (for life) as a shearling.             



As a member of the Society you can enter shearling rams for registration.

Remember - All rams presented for inspection must be bare clipped after the 1st May, and before the date of inspection.

Ram Registration Rules



Ram names are optional. If you choose to name your ram, the name must begin with the correct, Society-approved letter for the specific year:

Ram Born Registered as Shearling Ram Initial Letter
2023 2024 M
2024 2025 N
2025 2026 O
2026 2027 P

Register your Lleyn Rams with The Lleyn Sheep Society

Chose from one of the following three options:


Option 1

Online Flock Book & Registry

Simply click the green button  & follow the instructions on the screen.

Option 2
Emailing a spreadsheet

This spreadsheet can be created manually or via your on-farm software. It is recommended that you speak to the Society Office if creating for the first time to help you set off on the right track.

Tip: tag number format matters 

This is an example of how a RAM REGISTRATION SPREADSHEET EXAMPLE should look like when completed.

Use this RAM REGISTRATION SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE  to enter your Lleyn Rams Registration details.
Please save the spreadsheet with your name and flock number.

Ram Registration Spreadsheet Template Xls
Excel – 30.5 KB 110 downloads


Option 3
Paper Forms

All members will be posted a copy of the forms. Further copies can be downloaded below:

Ram Lamb Registration Form 2024
PDF – 255.1 KB 11 downloads
Registration Of Rams Born In 2023 Form Pdf
PDF – 68.9 KB 104 downloads



Ram Registration Rules

2024 Ram Lamb Provisional Registration form – Contact the Society Office

Society Sales - please note If a ram has been used, or semen retained, the owner must declare it in the catalogue or at the time of sale. It is up to the buyer to ascertain this before purchasing.


Ram Genotype (DNA)

Fee £36 inc. vat (€41.75 inc. vat or €34.80 net VAT – depending on your VAT status).

  • Applications for shearling ram registrations have to be entered online [HERE]
  • Tick to select the rams you wish to enter for the scheme
  • Via your online portal (above), you can also select to do older stock rams

Information for breeders

Understanding the results

DNA Samples must be returned to the office by 7th June.



These venues are subject to change.  If there are insufficient numbers entered for any venue, it may be cancelled. Breeders with rams entered for a venue that becomes cancelled will be asked to take them to another venue.  Please also note that all Vendors will be asked to attend at a specific time and it would be appreciated if you could adhere to this to ensure the smooth running of the day.