2023 Welshpool Sale

Kendal-based breeder, Charles Geldard and family, of the Wray Castle flock, Low Foulshaw Farm, were well rewarded for their trip south to the society show and sale at Welshpool when they sold the lead priced entry at 1350gns.

Their pen leader (00621/2222513) is by their stock sire (00809/1900640) and headed home with R Jerman, Wern Farm, Brilley, Herefordshire.

E & D Jones, from Lluest Wen were next in the trade stakes when selling their best for 1050gns. Achieving this was the pre-sale show’s first prize ram (00599/2214515), which is a son of Whitscastle Hot-Stuff. He was purchased by Edwards Partners, Foesidoes, Powys.

Another from the same pen made 850gns (00599/2214470), when selling to Slawston Grange, Leicestershire. He is sired by Borrins Jester. The same buyer then forked out 790gns for another Lluest ram (00599/2214656).

Brightonhouse Lordship (01299/2223942) and second prize ram from G & A Fort, Brighton House Farm, Keighley attained a top of 820gns. He is out of home-bred genetics on both sides with his sire being Brightonhouse I Am The Generals Son. This boy was snapped up by J Davies, Clough House, Macclesfield.

Moments later, the Fort’s sold Brightonhouse Lancelot (01299/2225023) for 750gns. Sired by the Carlisle 2021 pre-sale show champion and top priced ram, 9000gns Lluest Juggernaut. He sold to Williams Bros, West Glamorgan, with the section levelling at 546gns for 23 sold in total.

The females witnessed a steady but solid trade throughout the day, with the yearling ewes topping at £240 for a pen of six from DN Bennett & Son’s dispersal sale, which headed home with R Jerman.

The same home sold two pens of eight yearlings for £210 to DG & EA & SM Thomas, Carmarthenshire and J Martin, Limavady, respectively.

Close behind on £235 were E & D Jones when selling a pen of five to CP Goulding, The Yews, Wrexham.

The second prize pen of yearlings from AW Davies, Bronallt, Pwllheli soared to £230 per head and headed home with D Griffiths, Penycae, whilst the first prize pen of yearlings from WJ & DJ Williams, Gwynedd attained £220 when selling to NE & SJ Lewis, Warwickshire.

Amongst the two-year-old ewes, DN Bennett & Son led the way when selling their best pen for £310 per head. They headed home with W Roobottom, Rugeley. Another pen from the same home sold for £240 per head to R Jerman.

Twose Farms Ltd, Carmarthenshire topped the ewe lamb trade at £145 per head for the pre-sale show’s third prize lambs, which sold to D Griffiths.  

The first prize pen of lambs from WJ & DJ Williams reached £140 and were knocked down to R Jerman, with another pen from the same home selling to the same buyer for £125.

G & A Fort sold two pens of five ewe lambs to £120 per head to the pre-sale show judges, P & S Eckett, Lydlinch.



Rams - 546gns

Yearling ewes - £166.63

Ewe lambs - £111.19


Top prices

Aged ewes

DN Bennett & Son, £115

DN Bennett & Son, £112


Three-year-old ewes

DN Bennett & Son, £230

DN Bennett & Son, £220


Two-year-old ewes

DN Bennett & Son, £310

DN Bennett & Son, £240


Yearling ewes

DN Bennett & Son, £240

E & D Jones, £235

W Davies, £230 - 2nd prize yearlings

WJ & DJ Williams, £220 - 1st prize yearlings

DN Bennett & Son, £210

DN Bennett & Son, £210

E & D Jones, £200

E & D Jones, £200

DN Bennett & Son, £200

J Hamer, £200

JA & R Geldard & Sons, £200 - 3rd prize yearlings


Ewe lambs

Twose Farms Ltd, £145 - 3rd prize lambs

WJ & DJ Williams, £140 - 1st prize lambs

W Davies, £135

Twose Farms Ltd, £120

G & A Fort, £118 - 2nd prize lambs

W Davies, £118

I & A Jones, £116

I & A Jones, £115



JA & R Geldard & Sons, 1350gns

E & D Jones, 1050gns - 1st prize ram

E & D Jones, 850gns

Brightonhouse Lordship, G & A Fort, 820gns - 2nd prize ram

E & D Jones, 790gns

Brightonhouse Lancelot, G & A Fort, 750gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons, 650gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons, 650gns

DN Bennett & Son, 620gns

Bronallt Len, W Davies, 580gns

Bronallt Lincon, W Davies, 580gns


Pre-Sale Show Results

Ram judge: Mrs Sarah Eckett

Female judge: Mr Paul Eckett



1st - E & D Jones

2nd - G & A Fort

3rd - JA & R Geldard & Sons


Yearling ewes

1st - WJ & DJ Williams

2nd - A Wynne Davies

3rd - JA & R Geldard & Sons


Ewe lambs

1st - WJ & DJ Williams

2nd - G & A Fort

3rd - Twose Farms Ltd

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