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The Society launched the above scheme in 2015.  The Breed Development Committee has put together the scheme with the objective for breeders to identify their most productive ewes hence giving you more information to help you decide which ewes to keep for replacements and which to consider for culling. The long term goal is for the breeder to increase the productivity of their flock. With increased numbers of breeders undertaking the scheme the effects should be felt further with an increased productivity across the breed. By increasing productivity and better still backed up by figures, we could have a strong marketing tool for the future.

The scheme is very much voluntary but the Society encourages breeders to take part.

See full details of the scheme including case studies [Here]

See details of computer software at the bottom of this page.


Based on weighing lambs at 8 weeks and ewes at weaning

Performance Efficiency = weight of lambs ÷ weight of ewe

Data gathered on-farm by the breeder, for the breeder.

Only the Flock Average figure to be sent to the Society.

The Society will produce flock average figures for breeders’ information
and promotions, i.e. overall; regional; lowland/upland/hill.

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If as a breeder you are interested in taking part in the scheme please notify Heather Stoney-Grayshon by email promotions@lleynsheep.com or telephone 079666 99930

Software to generate the data

SPREADSHEET - The Society has a simple spreadsheet which is available free of charge.  You can input your data and it will help you generate the weight ratio for each ewe.  It will also generate your overall flock average.  Contact promotions@lleynsheep.com to request a copy.

ON-FARM SOFTWARE - there are some on-farm software companies which also have the ability incorporated into their programs hence reducing the need to re-input data.  The companies that we know of are:

FARMit3000 - by Border Software www.bordersoftware.com

Select Sheepware Management Program - by TGM Software Solutions - www.tgmsoftware.com

It is recommended that you speak to these companies directly to assess your options.

If you are a software company which can offer this to your customers please contact promotions@lleynsheep.com with details and we will list you above..


Please note this information is not a recommendation, it is for information purposes only

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