The Lleyn has Crossing Ability

The Lleyn ewe is very adaptable and is suited to being crossed by most, if not all terminal sires.  Crossing a Lleyn with a terminal sire will result in premium quality lambs and can compliment any terminal sire breed.

Suffolk x Lleyn Suffolk x Lleyn

Hampshire Down x Lleyn Hampshire Down x Lleyn

Blue Texel x Lleyn Texel x Lleyn

Charollais x LleynCharollais x Lleyn

Suffolk x Lleyn

The Suffolk on the Lleyn ewe produces a fast growing lamb that has length and conformation. Can easily achieve 40kg live weight but can be taken to much heavier weights if desired.

Charollais x Lleyn

The Charollais onto the Lleyn ewe produces a very tight skinned saleable prime lamb, good to fatten with good growth rates. They are also easy to lamb.

Texel x Lleyn

The Texel onto the Lleyn ewe produces a lamb with good conformation and shape. texel lambs can be sold as light weight lambs or taken onto heavy lambs. They finish easily.

Hampshire Down x Lleyn

The Hampshire onto the Lleyn produces a good framed lamb that has very good growth rates.

Texel x Beltex x Lleyn

Crossed rams produce some very saleable prime lambs that have excellent conformation and shape. Suitable for early or late lambing.

Blue Texel x Lleyn

The Blue Texel onto a Lleyn ewe produces shapely white lambs with excellent conformation. Also easy lambing.

Southdown x Lleyn

Again a popular cross for encouraging growth rates.

Lleyn x Cheviot

If you are wanting more prolificacy into your Cheviot flock then a Lleyn ram can inject this trait. Lleyn crossed onto a Cheviot will give you more lambs, good skins whilst still producing a white faced lamb. The lambs will get up on their feet quickly.

Lleyn x Scottish Blackface

This cross produces a lamb that will have lambs that are soon on their feet suckling. They will have better skins and be hardier.




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