Ewe Lamb Registrations

2023 Ewe Lamb Registrations are OPEN!

Please note the registration fee for all ewe lambs born in 2023 - see table below.

The preferred option is online/spreadsheet hence these options remains the same price.

Online or Spreadsheet Template

Grassroots Workshop Video (November 2022)

Paper forms can still be used up until 31st October, as this option requires more work in the office the cost for this has increased to £1.80/€2.20 + vat per lamb.  All paper forms must be received in the office by 31st October.  

Method for sending in your 2023 ewe lamb registrations Received in the office up to 31st October

Received in the office 1st November - 31st December


Deadline 31st December

£1.50 + vat £2.00 + vat
€1.80 + vat €2.40 + vat

Paper Forms

Deadline 31st October

£1.80 + vat N/A
€2.20 + vat

Ways to do your registrations:

You have the following options for doing your ewe lamb registrations:

Online Flock Book & Registry

Online Flock Book & Registry

Emailing a spreadsheet

A spreadsheet can be created manually or via your on-farm software. It is recommended that you speak to the Society if creating for the first time to help you set off on the right track. Tip: tag number format matters.

Useful documents:

Spreadsheet instruction guide                            SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE

Example of spreadsheet with full details 

Example of spreadsheet with minimum details

RD1 (Payment) Form (PDF)

RD1 (Payment) Form (word)




Paper Forms

Deadline for paper forms in the office is 31st October

2022 Ewe Lamb Registration Form


Ewe Lamb Tagging Rules

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