Carlisle Sale 2023

Scottish and Borders Lleyn breeders couldn’t have asked for a better day at the society’s Carlisle sale, last week, where members not only led all sections of the pre-sale show but swept the board with leading prices in the sale ring.

All breeders were well rewarded with a buoyant trade at the second last round of society sales, where no fewer than 23 rams managed to hit the 1000gns mark or over, with the section levelling at £844.77 for 110 sold.

Topping the trade at 4500gns was James K Goldie, South Bower Houses, Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire with his entry, Goldies Leslie (01312/2206780). By stock ram 00599/2112884, he is the second highest Index shearling in the National flock competition and in the top maternal 1% of the breed. Forking out the cash for this boy was T Moffat, Hillend Farm, Biggar, Lanarkshire.

Next in the trade stakes at 2800gns was the second prize individual ram, Fort League (01299/2224633), from T & B Fort, Brighton House Farm, Keighley. Out of the flock’s new stock ram, 01207/1904982, he headed north to join C Davidson, Skaill Farm, Sandwick, Orkney.

L Scanlon, Burghmuir Farm, Biggar paid 2200gns for the third highest priced ram of the day in the form of Whitlaw Legacy (00983/2218257) from Farmstock Genetics, Over Whitlaw Farm, Lindean, Selkirk. He is by the flock’s stock ram 01159/1602641 and out of a home-bred ewe.

The Jones Family, Machynlleth, Powys forked out 1800gns for another from the Farmstock Genetics pen, this time for Whitlaw Landmark (00983/2218748). Full brother to the flock’s 1000gns pen leader at the Ruthin sale, he is by ram 02022/2002967 and out of the flock’s show ewe – which weaned at 80.5kg, with her lambs weighing 54.5kg and 47.5kg.

Three further rams went under the hammer at 1800gns, the first of those being the pre-sale show male champion – Cragg Lux (00886/2207400) – from P Knowles, Cragg Farm, New Hutton, Kendal. Out of a home-bred ewe which has produced 11 lambs across five lambing’s and by stock ram 01158/1906876, he is another that headed home with L Scanlon.

Ponderhill Lancelot (03019/2205490) from HM Jenkinson, Woodfoot, Crosby Ravensworth, Penrith secured the next 1800gns bid. By stock ram 01674/2004497, he makes the long journey north to join Laga Farms Ltd, Evie, Orkney.

James K Goldie was back in the money when securing the last 1800gns price tag for Goldies Legendary (01312/2207124). By ram 01312/2005715, he is another in the top maternal 1% of the breed and was knocked down to Messrs Lawson & Son, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear.

Lleyn females enjoyed a flying trade with 997 shearling ewes selling to level at £196.78. However, all eyes were on James K Goldie and family as they went on to also dominate the female trade with their first prize individual ewe going on to sell for £480 to the pre-sale show judge, A Kennedy, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. Moments later, R Peterkin, Beauly, Invernesshire spent £330 per head for a pen of five shearling ewes from the same home.

The Goldie family went on to sell a further two pens of five at £310 and £300 apiece to RGW Jerman, Wern Farm, Herefordshire and R Peterkin, respectively.

The Walling brothers from Farmstock Genetics were close behind when selling their best pen of five shearling ewes to £320 per head. They were snapped up by S & J Fisher, Bonchester Bridge, Roxburghshire.

R Peterkin forked out a further £255 when buying the third prize individual ewe from the same home.

Across in the ewe lamb section, Farmstock Genetics led the way with their pen of five ewe lambs soaring to £250 per head when selling to RGW Jerman, whilst another pen from the Walling brothers attained £160 and was knocked down to AG Selway, Thornhill Farm, Dorset.

Richard Twose of Twose Farm Ltd, from Maenhir, Carmarthenshire was close behind selling his second prize pen of lambs to £160. They headed home with H Dean, Hill Top Farm, York.

D & MA Wilson from Lamplugh Hall, Lamplugh, Cumbria went to £155 for the leading pen of ewe lambs from JG Morton, The Bungalow, Bank Hall, Kirkland, whilst L Jenkinson, Whingill Farm, Hartley sold their leading pen to £150. These also headed home with AG Selway.



110 rams – £844.77

Four ages ewes – £95.00

997 shearling ewes – £196.78

300 ewe lambs – £127.81


Leading prices

Aged ewes

C & A Kennedy, £95


Yearling ewes

JK Goldie, £480 - first prize individual ewe & female champion

H Goldie, £330

Farmstock Genetics, £320

JK Goldie, £310

H Goldie, £300

Farmstock Genetics, £255 - third prize individual ewe

JK Goldie, £250

JK Goldie, £240

L Jenkinson, £235

DJ Steen, £230

Orchard Lleyn, £230

L Organ, £230


Ewe lambs

Farmstock Genetics, £250

Twose Farm, £160

Farmstock Genetics, £160

JG Morton, £155

L Jenkinson, £150

Twose Farm, £145

P Knowles, £140

WJ & DJ Williams, £140

Twose Farming, £135

P Knowles, £130

WJ & DJ Williams, £130

W Davies, £130




JK Goldie, 4500gns

T & B Fort, 2800gns

Farmstock Genetics, 2200gns

P Knowles, 1800gns - male champion

Farmstock Genetics, 1800gns

HM Jenkinson, 1800gns

JK Goldie, 1800gns

G & A Fort, 1600gns

W & N Lawrence, 1600gns

GH Blakey, 1600gns

B & E Latimer, 1600gns

C,C & C Crawford, 1600gns


Pre-sale show results

Ram judge: Mr John Geldard, Kendal

Female judge: Mr Andrew Kennedy, Ballyclare


Single shearling ram

1st - P Knowles (Lot 8)

2nd - T & B Fort (Lot 66)

3rd - W Davies (Lot 52)


Best pen of rams

1st - P Knowles

2nd - DJ Steen

3rd - T & B Fort


Pen of 5 shearling ewes

1st - Farmstock Genetics

2nd - H Goldie

3rd - L Jenkinson


Pen of 5 ewe lambs

1st - L Jenkinson

2nd - Twose Farming Ltd

3rd - WJ & DJ Williams


Single shearling ewe

1st - H Goldie

2nd - H Goldie

3rd - Farmstock Genetics

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David Knowles
5 months ago

Great Sale at Carlisle some excellent Lleyn rams forwarded, well done