2023 Ross on Wye Sale

A 3400gns top call amongst the rams and a 100% clearance across the female sections were the hallmarks of a successful Lleyn Society Sale at Ross On Wye.

Leading the trade was this year’s overall Royal Welsh Show Champion, Bronallt Ludo (00050/2207896) from Wynne Davies, Gwynedd. Sired by Netherton Invincible, he was knocked down to H & M Dugdale & Son, Borrins Farm, Stackhouse, Settle, North Yorkshire.

Emrys and Dylan Jones' Lluest flock from Machynlleth attracted top prices of 1800gns and 1400gns apiece for their pen leaders, with the 1800gns bid coming for a Brightonhouse Gold Card-sired ram (00599/2214458). He was bought by R Irwin, Lower Kingstree, Devon. Their 1400gns ram is by a new bloodline within the flock, having been sired by Wraycastle Jack The Lad, and was knocked down to C Mullard-Davies, Bishops Castle.

The Fort family’s flock from Keighley had a cracking day amongst the rams when selling to heights of 1800gns, 1600gns and 1200gns. First to hit the big money at 1600gns was their ram Fort Leading (01299/2224406), which stood second in the shearling ram class during the pre-sale show. A son of Goldies Inspiration, he headed home to Penrice Castle Estate, Swansea. Their 1800gns ram, Fort Limited Edition (01299/1713351) was purchased by P & S Eckett. He is bred by Brightonhouse Gold Member. Finally, at 1200gns was Fort Le Captain (01299/2223957), which stood third in the shearling ram class. Sired by the 9000gns Lluest Juggernaut, he sold to J Killen, Dorset.

The pre-sale show champion (00621/2222224) from JA & R Geldard & Sons, Low Foulshaw Farm, Kendal went on to secure a top bid of 1200gns when selling to Edmund Roberts & Partners, Bridgend. This boy is bred from the stock ram, Fearless.

The shearling ram section went on to average £753.

The female section enjoyed a fantastic trade across the board, with 100% clearance rates in every section and with the yearling ewes levelling at £198.

Top price in this section at £260 was the second prize pen of five from Ashton Selway, Thornhill Farm, Dorset, which was sold to RHS Turner, Devon, with his next pen attaining £245 to Rhys Baxter, Ty Domson Farm.

The first prize pen of five yearling ewes, again deriving from JA Geldard & Sons, secured a top price of £255 when selling to the pre-sale show judge, Will Roobottom, Cowley Hill Farm. The Geldard’s first prize pen of 10 yearling ewes was close behind on £240 and was bought by H Thomas, Carmarthenshire.

The last pen of yearlings through the ring from S E Hughes, Gwynedd, were popular with buyers when attracting a bid of £232. They sold to Rhys Baxter.

A top price of £170 was paid amongst the ewe lambs for the third prize pen of five from Wynne Davies, which headed home with A Selway.

Next best at £150 was a pen from W Roobottom, Cowley Hill Farm which went home with Newbold Grange Farm.

The same buyer bought a pen of five from P & C Andrews, Upper Madeley Farm which attracted a top of £145.

The first prize pen of five ewe lambs from PS Hale, Gloucestershire sold for £140 to C Mullard-Davies.

Matching that price was a pen from Mr & Mrs C Price, Powys who sold their best to D Smith, Bristol. The section cashed in at £130.



Senior ewes to £170 av. £140. 100% Clearance

Yearling ewes to £260 av. £198 100% Clearance

Ewe lambs to £170 av. £130 100% Clearance

Rams to £3,570 av. £753.


Top Prices


A Wynne Davies – 3400gns

G & A Fort – 1800gns

E & D Jones – 1800gns

T & B Fort – 1600gns

E & D Jones – 1400gns

G & A Fort – 1200gns

JA Geldard & Sons – 1200gns

A Wynne Davies – 1000gns

WJ & DJ Williams – 900gns


Yearling ewes

AG Selway - £260

JA Geldard & Sons - £255

AG Selway - £245

JA Geldard & Sons - £240

SE Hughes - £232

E & D Jones - £218

E & D Jones - £210

A Wynne Davie s- £208


Ewe lambs

A Wynne Davies - £170

W Roobottom - £150

P & C Andrews - £145

Mr & Mrs C Price - £140

PS Hale - £140

PS Hale - £135 (x2)

WJ & DJ Williams - £135

D & B Vaughan - £135

W Roobottom - £130 (x2)


Ross On Wye Pre-Sale Show Results

Shearling ewe judge: Will Roobottom

Ewe lamb judge: Diana Kelly

Ram judge: Christine Lewis


Ewe lambs:

1st - P S Hale

2nd - WJ & DJ Williams

3rd - A Wynne Davies


Pen of 5 shearling ewes:

1st - JA & R Geldard & Sons

2nd - A Selway

3rd - A Wynne Davies


Pen of 10 shearling ewes:

1st - JA & R Geldard & Sons

2nd - A Wynne Davies

3rd - A Hughes



1st - JA & R Geldard & Sons

2nd - G & A Fort

3rd - G & A Fort

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