Beltex X Lleyn

Beltex X Lleyn working on farms.

Pure Bred & Crossbred Lleyn

David & Becka Henderson Flock 1836

David & Becka farm at Toucks, Kincardinshire, North Scotland.  They lamb last week in March-early April.  They run pure bred and cross bred Lleyn.  The crosses are Beltex, Blue Texel and Dutch spotted.

They are all grass fed, they do not creep the twins and triplets.  The singles are creep fed to push forward for the early prime lamb market.

Flocks using Beltex over Lleyn ewes

Read their stories and see how they are getting on.

Beltex brings the shape and the Lleyn brings the growth and milk

Putting the Beltex on the Lleyn is the ideal combination


Alister Watson, Lockerbie, Flock 2326, Lleyn flock of breeding sheep is key to this progressive young farmer success. READ MORE>>


Producing Crossbred Lambs for the Commercial Market - The farm produces prime lambs which are sold at 42-45kg from seventy percent of the flock with the Texel and Texel x Beltex rams used as a terminal sire.


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