Balmoral Show results

Published on 28 May 2024 at 11:08

The Society would like to congratulate all exhibitors who turned out a fantastic show of sheep at this year’s Balmoral Show and to the Northern Ireland Lleyn Sheep Breeders club for their continued effort in supporting the show.

A special thank you must go to our judge, Mr Roger Wells, Cardigan, Ceredigion who travelled across to undertake the difficult challenge in placing this year’s stock - and what a great job he did.

Thank you also to Robert Smith - Livestream, Video and Photography for capturing the day so perfectly and for his continued support towards the Society.

Next up, NSA Scotsheep on Wednesday 5th June. See you there!


Full results are as follows:

Ram, two-shear and upwards - 1st - Mr Andrew George Kennedy; 2nd - Mr Barry Latimer

Shearling ram - 1st - Mr George Calwell; 2nd - Jayne & Catherine Kennedy; 3rd - Mr Andrew George Kennedy; 4th - Mr Barry Latimer; 5th - Mr David Mason

Ram lamb - 1st - Mr George Calwell; 2nd - Mr Andrew George Kennedy; 3rd - Mr David Mason

Ewe, two-shear and upwards - 1st - Jayne & Catherine Kennedy; 2nd - Mr Andrew George Kennedy; 3rd - Mrs Fiona Cunningham; 4th - Mr David Mason

Shearling ewe - 1st - Mr George Calwell; 2nd - Mrs Fiona Cunningham; 3rd - Mr Andrew George Kennedy; 4th - Jayne & Catherine Kennedy; 5th - Mr George Calwell; 6th - Mr Barry Latimer

Ewe lamb - 1st - Mr George Calwell; 2nd - Mr Andrew George Kennedy; 3rd - Jayne & Catherine Kennedy; 4th - Mr David Mason

Male Champion - Mr Andrew George Kennedy (Aged Ram); Reserve - Mr George Calwell (Shearling Ram)

Female Champion - Jayne & Catherine Kennedy (Aged Ewe); Reserve - Mr George Calwell (Shearling Ewe)

Overall Champion - Mr Andrew George Kennedy; Reserve - Jayne & Catherine Kennedy

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