Royal Cornwall Show Results

Published on 11 June 2024 at 15:25

Exhibitors at Royal Cornwall Show were out in force to support the show. Lovely weather made the judging enjoyable for the day's judge, Richard Twose.

Congratulations to Darren & Sarah Searle who secured the Breed Championship with their Aged Ewe. The same 5yr old ewe took the championship at last year’s show!

Reserve Breed Championship went to Avril Glessing’s Aged Ram.

Results are as follows:

  • Aged Ram - 1st,  A Glessing; 2nd, R Bromage; 3rd, A Carter; 4th, S Carter
  • Shearling Ram - 1st, D & S Searle; 2nd, A Carter; 3rd, D & S Searle; 4th, P Martin; 5th, A Glessing; 6th, R Bromage
  • Ram Lamb - 1st, P Martin; 2nd, P Martin; 3rd, D & S Searle; 4th, S Carter; 5th, A Glessing
  • Aged Ewe - 1st, D & S Searle; 2nd, A Glessing; 3rd, A Glessing; 4th, S Carter; 5th, S Carter
  • Shearling Ewe - 1st, S Carter; 2nd, A Carter; 3rd, D & S Searle; 4th, P Martin; 5th, D & S Searle
  • Ewe with Twin Lambs - 1st, P Martin; 2nd, A Glessing; 3rd, S Carter
  • Ewe Lamb - 1st, S Carter; 2nd, P Martin; 3rd, S Carter; 4th, R Bromage; 5th, P Martin
  • Group of Three - 1st, D & S Searle; 2nd, A Glessing; 3rd, S Carter; 4th, T Hall
  • Male Champion - A Glessing (Aged Ram); Reserve Male - D & S Searle (Shearling Ram)
  • Female Championship - D& S Searle (Aged Ewe); Reserve Female - S Carter (Ewe Lamb)

Thank you to Sarah Searle & Amy Roskilly for providing the photos.

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