Lleyn Sheep Characteristics


Revised January 2010, and supersedes all previous details of the Lleyn breed.

HEAD - Distinctive and feminine; warm white in colour; wide forehead; good length from eye to nose, straight to slightly dished and narrowing towards the nose; bright' lively eyes; black nose.

EARS - Medium size and thickness and black spots desirable; base preferably starting from the wool.

NECK - Average length, well set on shoulders.

BREAST - Wide and well forward.

SHOULDER - Well set.

RIB - Long and well arched

BACK - Good length

LOIN - Broad; well joined to rump, well set tail

LEGS - Average length, with no wool lower than the hock. Colour warm white.

BONE - Flat.

TAIL - The tail should be docked according to current practice

WOOL - Containing no kemp, of good length, dense and of high quality.  Excessive peeling/stripping of wool is discouraged within the breed.

RAMS - Hornless

Aims & Objectives

 Aim: The aim of the Lleyn Sheep Society is to maintain the Lleyn sheep as a medium sized ewe with highly respected maternal traits which suits today’s commercial sheep producer.

Objective: The objective of the Society shall be for the benefit of its members:

  1. To encourage, promote, co-ordinate and assist the improved production of the Lleyn sheep
  2. To encourage, promote, co-ordinate and assist the orderly and co-operative marketing of the Lleyn sheep
  3. To provide such services as procurement, marketing, market research, information, planning and public relations as may seem desirable.
  4. So far as may be necessary or expedient for the purpose aforesaid, to carry on the trades, industries or businesses of commercial and general advisers, publishers, advertisers and any other trades, industries or businesses which may seem to the Society to be conducive to the more profitable production or marketing of agricultural produce.


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