Performance Measuring and Recording


Flock Performance Measuring and Recording has become very useful tool in the selection of stock. Some breeders do it simply in house whilst others use schemes that are available to help them.

You will see at sales that breeders are now displaying this information alongside their animals on the pens.

The Society Breed Development Committee is always looking at ways to improve this tool to ensure the breeder and the breed is benefiting. In an ideal world we would like every ewe to have two lambs and rear them to more than her own body weight, this is what most of us are striving for.

Lleyn gold.jpgThe FREE ewe performance scheme run by the Lleyn Sheep Society


  • A ewe performance scheme to help improve flock efficiency
  • Available FREE OF CHARGE to members of the LLEYN SHEEP SOCIETY
  • Based on simple weight ratios of lamb weight to ewe weight (weight of lambs divided by weight of ewe)
  • LLEYN GOLD grades correlate with commercial performance
  • Favours medium sized ewes rearing twins
  • Using LLEYN GOLD grades (GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and UNCLASSIFIED) may help you make more informed decisions about which stock to retain and which to cull.

For more information see LLEYN GOLD

Other Recording Options:

SIGNET: Now have links available that show reports that display the top ranking animals of the performance recording members in the categories ram lamb, shearling ram and stock sires. These links are updated automatically so there is no need to update them. There is also a flock finder, which can search for flocks, ordering them by postcode.

Ram Lamb-

Shearling Ram-

Stock rams-

Flock finder- this link will show all flocks that are currently recording with signet.

Performance Recorded Lleyn Breeders (PRLB)

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